Uniqueness And Illness

There is one more month after which I am going to enter in professional world. I don’t know how it would be but some of my friends who have joined their respective companies are saying only one thing that “the best days (College days) are over”. Well, it is little bit scary for me when I imagine a routine life, going to office at 8:00 a.m. and returning at 6:00 p.m. without any bunk. And certainly these days would never match with wonderful experiences of college days. The good thing in professional word is salary, a feeling of economical independency...But well, it also somehow comes into a form of responsibility and accountability. My friends say that in college days they have time but short of money and now they have money but short of time. And for all things which we say in general joy, pleasure and happiness... one needs time and money in definite proportions. Along with money and time, one of the most things we require is congenial friends. Without them, our joy and happiness would have no soul...And somehow I feel that is the one thing we could find in our college very easily... However in professional world, friends who match with your taste are more likely to be got in a job which genuinely interests us. And I feel to get such things it is better to put money at stake... The person who is able to derive joy in his professional work is the man of utmost bliss... There are two things he is getting there...First, he is doing an interesting work and second, he is amongst the people who match his taste... 

In India, what I feel, we are not blessed to make our own choices. Most of us are told by the society and it decides our profession and in turn, our future. The choice of profession is prioritized by the salary we would get in that profession. A child doesn’t know what a professor is; what a scientist does; what a manager needs. So only thing which standardizes or ranks is the “money”, we would get in that profession...So a general choice becomes our choice...But in reality, everyone has different interest. Interests cannot be generalized. And hence, when we enter into a world, we feel boredom and dissatisfaction in our job... Blessed are those who find a way to express their interest in form of hobbies which act like elixir for their wrenched soul... 

In most cases, “Different” is termed as “Insanity”. If anyone is different, the contemporary people would feel him either a lunatic or dumb. Even his family, his parents would constantly try to shape him according to commonness of society...Now two things can happen...If the person continued his work, neglecting the public opinion, eventually he would become a “Licensed lunatic” (from a lunatic). In the 2nd case, he would become a timid person that would be reflected from his introverted and ill-humoured nature. It’s not new...It has been continuing for centuries...I think you can figure out why “Galileo” and “Kepler”  were called the most dangerous people... The words ‘different’ and ‘common’ are also relative words. One who is different in one sect might be common for other sect. In reality, differences mirror people to see what they lack; what they have not, they get afraid of...So they try to omit it, if they can’t, eventually satisfy themselves by making it a synonym of insanity...

I feel whatever profession we would get; how much power we would be bestowed upon; how much money we would have...if we have not found where our interest lies...if we have not found congenial friends...At the final reckoning, we would realize that we have only passed, not enjoyed your life...But going for our interest is not easy job in current scenario..We would have to endure the humiliation of being called “insane”, “non-pragmatic” and "looser". One needs courage...but unfortunately most of us could not... For some people, facing society is more traumatic than facing death...We distort our natural shape according to public opinion... There is only one cure of all this...People need to increase the toleration ability towards public opinion...and when there would be sufficient number of people who accept differences as uniqueness, not as illness, then I feel there would be revolutionary change in the outlook of society...



@ Amit
Simply loved the post. It reminded me of my last college days.
We students often believe that we are the best and have all experienced, that means have learnt all the tact and way to survive in the market and the world in broad, but bet me…ones you reach the professional world, you will realize, all you learnt..

..needs to be undo and then followed by the redo of many strong thoughts and skills.

Perhaps, never run or shy away from learning.
The more you LEARN, the more you LOVE the LIFE!
Well it is just the beginning of life.
Be humble and never leave the HUMOUR!

May God bless you with all the wisdom, good health, happiness and success and smile! Amen!!
all the best for the new phase in life....don't worry, true friends always stay, whether in college or at work :)

Guria said…
Hey Amit, you reminded me of my own start of college days.
I chose not to go to Engineering or Medical, and was thought by many, including relatives and friends that because I didn't get through, she'll be married after graduation blah, blah, blah... But today, I'm doing much better than my contemporary engineers and other then-brilliants, am one of the toppers in India, and now they present me as an example.
See, what they thought was my illness, I showed them was my uniqueness, now you know a reason why I call myself a Misfit.. lol...
Liberation and Freedom are two things I stress on in my latest post too, even though te context is different, and of course, choice making
Well written, buddy! :)

*whoa, really long comment :P*
Ekam said…
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Bharathi said…
Nice post. you are very true regarding the society. I woudnt disagree but I would like to see the next step to that. What if we get the desired job instead of society pushed one? Will we be happy. Even when I was working in western country where the above said freedom is better than ours, I know people who crib about their job.

I think its all mind matter. If we do a certain thing for a while, we woudnt get the same happiness that we got in the first day. They call it as Law of diminishing marginal utility in Economics. Mind is like a bottomless vessel. what ever you put in, it will say 'not enough'. I believe, if we season our mind, (which I havnt mastered myself) we can live happily even in the most loathed job.

Regarding your friend's "your best days are over" you can read a post I wrote long back http://clickbharathi.blogspot.com/2009/07/nostalgia-trick-played-by-our-mind.html.
Singh Amit said…
@Rachana :)
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment :)
You are so true.. :)
"The more you LEARN, the more you LOVE the LIFE!"
It made me to remind Russell's quote
"Life should be inspired by Love and Guided By Knowledge .."
Thanks again for your wishes.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@Hopeless Romantic

Thanks a lot buddy :)
I hope so :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Guria.. :)
Thanks a lot.. :)
So glad that you have courage to follow your heart...and now you have set an example for everyone who wants to follow his heart... :)
It's a great thing... :)
Yeah, "Choice-making" is really one of the most crucial part of our life... :)

Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot... :)
so true..Family and friends are one of the inevitable part of happy life... As I have written in the post..Without friends..Your happinesses and joy would have no SOUL...
yeah, Buying gifts for family and friends is the best way to derive joy through your salary.. :)
these are memorable moments... :)
Your friends are right.College days are the best days:-) onc eyou start working things will be monotonous after a point of time but you need to know how to mae it interesting and exciting. ANd yes do follow your heart sometimes.ALl the best and keep going.loved your post
Singh Amit said…
@Bharathi... :)
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment.. :)
You are true... 
Somehow I feel that every person has some inherent characteristic which differs him from others...Like some has more inquisitive nature...some has good social skills...some has good observation...So I feel if a person get a job in which his genuine interests are satisfied by the Job to an extent...It might give him more joy and happiness...Freedom...is mostly in this case is concerned with freedom of mind... We put our interest at the stake of money...Because money is something on which most of the people are biased...So even people who have options...they don’t hesitate to lay out their interest for money...
Yeah...I agree that “Seasoning of mind” is very good way to derive pleasure from work...And in the current scenario...I feel it is of utmost importance... 
I just have gone through your post.
..Thought provoking post...
Yeah, Retrospection makes things more colourful...And sometimes...in this colourful layout of past...You start feeling your present colourless... It’s ok to retrospect if still it doesn’t disturb your present..But if present is disturbed...I think it should not be done... :)

Singh Amit said…
@Butterfly Thoughts
Thanks a lot... :)
So glad u liked it :)
BK Chowla said…
Professional involvement also means a pressure,a need,a desire to succeed.
Roshmi Sinha said…
A well written post.

All I can say is that gear up for new challenges and enjoy the last of your 'salad days' :)

'The grass always looks greener on the other side'... doesn't it... ?!!

When we are tiny tots and in the early part of our school life... we aspire to go to collge. Once in college... we wish we were working. And once there... we reminisce about our good old schooldays and college time... That has been and will always be the case :)
The same people who cornered Einstein, Galileo and the likes have accepted them as great people later on in their lives... If people were so bad, they would not have done that right?

Secondly, when someone is out of college they know so little about business and the difficulties of making money - It is better to learn by working for others before pursuing any sort of dreams/interests - that way they would get a fair idea of what they would have to face...

Thirdly, it is easier to be happy when someone else is working and providing for us when we were in school/college... but we ought to be responsible enough to understand that one day we too need to provide for our kids and life is not always about happiness alone...

Destination Infinity
Singh Amit said…
@ Chowla Ji
Thanks a lot... :)
Yeah, Professional involvement also means a pressure,a need,a desire to succeed.

Singh Amit said…
@ Roshmi
Thanks a lot... :)
So glad you liked it...
.."The grass always looks greener on the other side"
it's so true... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Destination Infinity
Thanks a lot for your thought provoking comment... :)
You are true...
But somehow I feel...Yeah! People have accepted the persons like Galileo, once who were cornered...but it happened either in the later period of life or after their death...So most of people were humiliated, ridiculed and some were condemned to death too...Socrates was condemned to death...Galileo was threatened to withdraw his opinion...Bertrand Russell was called immoral and pervert until he was awarded Nobel Prize...So The people who have brought difference, who have given new thoughts to the world have to endure sufferings for being different...And in this line, I might say if people would have not discouraged people for their different opinion...Might be we would have many people like Socrates, Galileo and Russell.......
And Yes, life is not only about happiness...Money is an inevitable part to make us happy, to carry out duties and responsibility towards our family... Money should put before interest and dreams to an extent in this practical world :)
Mustaf said…
If one wants to stand out from the rest sailing in the same boat, one should have the guts to stand up, prove others wrong.We can't blame them for not being able to recognize you being "different", if they had that vision, wouldn't they themselves have been different? :)
Srivats said…
Loved ur post for many reasons.

//Blessed are those who find a way to express their interest in form of hobbies which act like elixir for their wrenched soul//

Well said and the one about Uniqueness not illness! waaa!! taking a bow!

All the best with your career, I hope as long as you enjoy what you do the world would come looking for you.
Anonymous said…
I agree with every point u made..
it is important for some to do something different to convert them into something trite in future..

great post as usual!!
my best wishes!!
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot :)
I agree with your point... :)
Keep Visiting :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
So Happy you liked it.. :)
Welcome to My Blog..
Keep Visiting..
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that you liked it.. :)

Thanks again for your wishes :)
anushree said…
wish u all the luck for ur near future...i enjoyed reading the last paragraph..
be it school or college days they are always close and a bunch of gud memories...every one must follow his/her heart.the field u like will be the only one u'll be able to give ur 100% to..n only that will give u satisfaction...

n once again
all the best!
AJai said…
Intelligent post. See buddy... my views on this are pretty black & white. You're 18+ years of age... you're an adult... you know that you will be held responsible for your actions. You have the freedom to make your choices. If you're not ready to be responsible... then all this BS of family pressure and stuff will come in to play. choice is yours.
ps: don't take the boring routine job.
Roshmi Sinha said…
I've tried my hand at micro-fiction. Do let me know what you think...
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
So glad you liked it.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot Buddy... :)
I liked your comment.. :)
You are true.. :)
Singh Amit said…
I have just checked out... :)
Roshmi Sinha said…
I've answered your Qs... re: my post... on my blog. Do check out...

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