Begging Future

Scientists believe that after a certain period especially childhood, our mind does not develop; it just gathers knowledge, makes it experiences and learns new things. Freud, the father of psychology claims that till that age, the way our mind gets shaped; it lasts for our whole life and defines our behaviour and character. So, the important point which I want to draw is that childhood is the most crucial period which decides and defines our future.
To grow a child, is an art, the most beautiful living art of existence. But unfortunately, everyone doesn’t want to reveal his art as they have never felt the joy of this art Or maybe they would have work more prior to this. So their creation is not perfect. A child needs care, love, humbleness, spontaneity; which most of people would be mistaken by fulfilment of economic needs. Well, a good school can substitute the role of parents to an extent but not completely.
In case of India where good schools and perfect parents are a distant fantasy for most of people, it is imperative to find a way to save them from their earlier exploitation and traumatic sufferings. It is not only sexual exploitation that is needed to be considered; there are many other types like emotional and physical exploitation that is needed to be prevented for a better future of our society and in turn, our country. I earnestly feel whenever one sees a child with begging bowl in his/her hand; their parents are guilty and should be punished. A child should not be by-product of one’s lustful passion but it should be only when one feels that one is capable of taking such responsibility. If stealing and robbery are termed as crime why parents would not be convicted if they are not capable to fulfil their duty towards their children? 
Every time I pass through a temple, I see beggars, begging outside the temple. I really never figure out if we should give them some money or not as our small contribution can light up a smile on their face. And what could be greater than to make someone smile? However I feel if we start giving money to all of them it would not be far away when whole India would be outside the temples. I don’t know Begging is criminalized act or not but feel it should be as it flows generation by generation. Their children are forced to beg and get habituated (addicted). Government should take responsibility to find out the beggars, who are genuinely unable to cope with its domestic needs. It must be figured out and capable one should be discouraged to beg. 
One of the best ways to take part in growth of country is helping the children. Helping children is strengthening the base of country that would make India to sustain further developments. There are so many ways to help them. One could choose the way according to one’s convenience. But there is no substitute of helping others at individual level as it is direct and quick. At every place, we can find the children who need help and taking responsibility of one could change their future. Your little help could have such major impact on one’s life is itself so satisfying and creative. It is like a seed we plant in soil and when it grows bigger, we feel a spiritual connectivity to its grandeur and beauty.
I would not say that your help should be religious as it said that you should help feeling that you are so blessed to get such opportunity. We can derive practical happiness by helping children. It’s Ok even it would give you pleasure by satisfying your Ego. Let it derive pleasure in this way...Eventually we need to find a way to help them. Prize, awards and appreciation might be a practical way to make practical people to help children.
I feel, by little awareness, one can feel how creative and satisfying this work could be. I read this quote “when life's problems seem overwhelming, it helps to look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself far more blessed than you imagined”. Every time you would look the child you would realize how fortunate you are. It would remind you to feel the gratefulness towards life. Might be, in this way you would forget little things which were making you upset. In this work, I feel that Government is not as effective as an individual can be. So, every citizen of India who feels he/she is capable can contribute to revolutionize India’s future. 

I wrote this poem while I was in 2nd year of my college...Hope! you would like it....

Have you ever seen the crying eyes
A speechless mouth of moaning size
A body hided by torn cloths
And legs that tremble to advance
Her watery eyes are searching someone
Her mute prayer is trying to awake everyone
Her thin hands are not able to lift the bowl
which she holds and trying it not to fall
Her eyes are moving more than her legs
Her heart speaks more than her mouth when she begs
She does not know why and how she is here
Why she is crying, while others cheer
We are moving, ignoring that she laments
At every temple, every corner, at every moment

Regarding post, I have to say..In truth, we talk to ourselves but sometimes we talk loud enough that others may hear us.


Shankar said…
Thats a very good and enlightening post... Its true that after childhood we only gather knowledge....

very good post amith...
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I like the what you said about emotional and physical exploitation.
I feel not only capable but every other beggar should be discouraged. And poem is wonderful...

ps: just had a suggestion.Whenever you add a link in your post,it should be different from rest of text so that others may know that there's a link. Usually a link is underlined,but sometimes its in some other colour, as in your post its in light brown colour(the word 'Freud'). But because your post background is also brown i found it little difficult to read. Can you change the colour of your links to some other color?Sorry for a long PS.
@ Amit

A Critical Analysis of the feelings after reading the Post:

~ When I started reading this post, in my own mind I was actually going through my own childhood time analysis and the influence of my parents and their learning’s that have today defined me as a person.

~ Though, I always knew this but I am glad your post ones again made me realize that My Maa Paa owe a Thanks from ME!!

~ I also enjoyed the way you added the theory and created an analytical, touchy and practical story on one of the major issue of Begging and hurting behavior towards poor children.

~ I always have my personal admiration for the way this story which might have turned bored is presented in such apt way that I have read it almost three times before commenting.

~ the Poem is simply great. The first two lines enlighten the whole post!
“Have you ever seen the crying eyes
A speechless mouth of moaning size...”

~ Needless to say this is for ME one of the best post till date I read.

~ Keep up with your pep stories…I’m your great fan…always eagerly waiting:)
Rahul sharma said…
One more post on my wall of fame i think....
Wil do it asap i get back
1 more comment later
soin said…
i vividly remember flashes of my childhood of no significance.. never knew
mAhEsH KaLaAL said…
Hi amit,

Very good analysis....contemporary and relevant to current crisis.

"" I earnestly feel whenever one sees a child with begging bowl in his/her hand; their parents are guilty and should be punished.....""

Why only the parents?. The punishment should be shared by whoever is concerned with the issue directly or indirectly..... I am not opposing with your views....
I come from a very backward district of Andhra Pradesh, Mahabubnagar(drought n floods recently). Krishna river flows through it, but we dont have access to water. I did case study on rural poverty as an anthropologist.

I know very well why a farmer family suddenly comes on to the roads. I have seen people migrating to mumbai for work...... I have seen why they send their children to begging ...they do not have is all about survival .... I have seen why they drink pesticides.

Whom should we punish in this era of , globalisation, corporate commercialism, consumerism and feudalism ?? who are the real culprits?

Keep bringing out the social inequalities....
Singh Amit said…
@ Shankar..
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that you liked it.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Shilpa.. :)
Thanks a lot... :)
U r true...every beggar should be discouraged.. :) But we need to have two different approach to discourage Capable one and Incapable ones... :)


P.s. Thanks a lot for your suggestion...I would follow it... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Rachana..
Thanks a lot.. :)
I cannot say How Happy I am by reading your analysis... u have read my post so deeply and aptly, it just reflects from your wonderful comment...It’s really encouraging....
Thanks again for appreciating the poem...
Keep visiting....
Singh Amit said…
@ Rahul ..
Thanks a lot.. :)
"Wall Of fame"..that would be gr8 honor to my post... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Mahesh..
Very true Mahesh... :)
Yes! Not only parents but every citizen is directly or indirectly responsible. But Assume a child fails in exam or he does a wrong thing....whole society has a part to play in his deeds, directly and indirectly. However, we cannot blame the whole society in real situation.
A child’s whole responsibility is on his/her parent’s shoulder. So I feel, people who are neglecting this responsibility ...Might be a fear of getting punished would make them realize to work or... at least It would let them think many times before having a child.
But before this, We get to discriminate the beggars into two categories...Capable one- like one who could do work for their living and domestic needs.
Incapable One- Like one who are victims of Natural disaster, fatal disease...
Then whom should we help would be clearer and easier...And Beggars who are beggar due to their idleness and are getting ready to produce a new generation of beggar, might be stopped. In Varanasi...Like I have felt there Most of them are capable and it seems they are professionally trained or addicted to begging. And worst thing happens...when a small child runs and begs to you...No doubt...his parents are exploiting his innocence and pushing him to world of begging...
Separating into categories is in Government’s Hand.
Providing employment and training to capable one’s can be done through NGO’s and Government.
And helping children and incapable ones is to be shared by us...Like we can give a small percentage our salary to their education...But we need to assure that it should reach them only...
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment.. :)
Such comments are wholeheartedly welcome.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Soin
Thanks a lot..:)
You are welcome to my blog... :)
Keep Visiting :)
BK Chowla said…
Excellent poem.
All the begging gangs must be dismantled.
Singh Amit said…
@ Chowla Ji
Thanks a lot.. :)

Ekam said…
I liked the poemvery much :)
Babli said…
Excellent post.
Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
Happy Diwali..:)
Singh Amit said…
@Babli.. :)
Thanks a lot... :)
Happy Diwali
Anonymous said…
good schools and perfect parents are a distant fantasy for most of people,...

I am unable agree to this point Amit...

btw do check my wall of fame and my mail!!
Anonymous said…
With utmost satisfaction, i would like to inform you that this post of yours has been selected as a suiting piece to honor my newly installed wall of fame.
So, I would like you to take out some of your precious time and gimme a small writeup introducing this post in about 40-50 words to mail
I would also appreciate it if you could nominate some more posts(including yours) which can be pinned up on my wall.

yours truly
divsi said…
amazin post! very rarely i find sensitive bloggers ...u r one of them...:))
meaningful n profound!!

n this post echoed my thots too!! :)) so same pinch!
Bharathi said…
Nice post pal. Regarding your first para, I would like to add that @a child should be inspired and not taught.

Regarding your begging point "I think after arranging enough employment, this should be dealt with severely.
Singh Amit said…
@ RSV...
Thanks a lot.. :)
It's really honor for my post to be selected in ur "Wall Of Fame"

Singh Amit said…
@ Divsi..
Thanks a lot for ur encouraging comment:)
Glad that u liked it
Keep Visiting..
Singh Amit said…
@ Bharathi..
Thanks for your wonderful comment..:)
Glad that u liked it..
Roshmi Sinha said…
Lovely poem! Thanks for sharing!

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