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Romanticism; My Thoughts

Some days ago, I had a conversation with my friend when I was asked,” What do you feel; are you Romantic?” To be honest, I did not exactly know if I was romantic or not but for the sake of continuation, I said, “I hope so.”  After the conversation was over, I introspected to find out the exact answer. So this post is the rambling of my mind over the subject ‘Romanticism’.

If the meaning of “Are you romantic”... is... “Are you emotional”... or... “Can you fall in love”, and then Word “Romantic “seems too redundant, doesn’t it?  If not, then it would be something that can be put into definite region of Intuition, sensitivity, love and poetry.  Romanticism has been a prime motivation for poets, authors and painters to squeeze out wonderful artistic expression. Historically, the word ‘Romanticism’ originated in the late 18th century which emphasises more on intuition, imagination and  individual’s expression of emotion, a departure from the attitude of rationality and logic. So, Romanticism is acceptance of fact that you accept that something is beyond logic and reason that can be realized only by intuition and imagination. And I feel that it is true also. One cannot find the logical explanation why moon looks so beautiful and so enthralling or why red roses are quintessence of love. They are unexplainable still realizable.
 This is a very general view of Romanticism. In particular, if we talk about the Romanticism Like the character of SRK in his movies where romanticism is confined to a boy and girl in their teenage or before marriage, then I would not say that it is not Romanticism. It is... but in most of the cases, it is narrow passage of your natural instincts, coming into raw expression of the mixture of love and infatuation.

There is something mysterious, something unknown and vague which mesmerizes us, captivates us and we are stimulated to sense the ecstasy and joy while watching our favourite romantic movies or observing the beauty of moon in its full form with complete awareness. The ecstasy and joy of painter and lover are same; they both derive their joy through imagination, so way is same too. So in a way, this romanticism of lover is no way inferior to a beautiful painting, a captivating poetry or a wonderful sculpture. But painter and poets have a definite visual expression of their ecstasy and joy; they are feeling, in form of their paintings and poetry. And in this regard, they make an extra point as two lovers cannot embody a definite visual expression; it is almost spiritual or soulful. However, one can consider romantic ‘movies’, a visual expression of romanticism of lover to some extent.

 If the question whether romanticism is state or is always involved with someone is considered, I would say that of course...It is our nature...but it is always directed to someone. This ‘Someone’ may be known or unknown. When it is directed to one’s lover, it is known. But when a poet writes poetry in the kaleidoscopic mountains, watching spectacular lake under the embellished sky... it is unknown.

So I feel that It would be better to ask someone if you are more intuitive or more logical than to ask “You are romantic or not.” If you are intuitive then you might be more romantic according to the definition.  Scientifically right brain is responsible for intuition while left part is for logic and rationality. In between, if you want to know which part of your brain is more active...Check it at If your right brain is more active, you might be more romantic person.

It is imperative to notice how the most artistic people were romantic one while the most scientific and philosophical personalities were not so romantic. Analysis and thinking are stumbling stone to Romanticism. If one sees a flower, and starts analysing its chemical combination, eventually he could not feel the beauty. People with Virgo sun sign are assumed less romantic. Might be this is because they have powerful analytical ability.
After all these thoughts, now I can confidently put me into the category of mild romantic person. And if you feel is more than numbers and logic; if you can place intuition and emotion before reason; if you feel that there are certain crucial areas which must be felt, are beyond any explanation...then  you are romantic too.



anushree said…
m still guessing r u romantic?
by the way....let emotions not be mixed with logics...
as usual u made me read the entire stuff n comment on it..i think m fond of ur work...keep it up
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot..:)
When I wrote this topic..I knew... it is an abstract thoughts and very few people would read it.. :)
But I am very happy... u read it.. :)

Yeah..Emotions are beyond logics.. :) this is exactly what I have said in the post...

if you feel is more than numbers and logic; if you can place intuition and emotion before reason; if you feel that there are certain crucial areas which must be felt, are beyond any explanation...then you are romantic . "

- Sugar Cube - said…
Interesting topic.

Loved the last line :)
divsi said…
nice approach to the topic...
its soooo true wen u say romantism is not jus the boy-gal kinda thing!
u hav just intellectualised romantism!!:)

*pats on yr back*!!

BK Chowla said…
I think it a state which can not be discussed hence can not be commented upon.
Singh Amit said…
@ Sugar Cube..
Thanks a lot :)
Glad that u liked it... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Divsi
Thanks a lot..
"u hav just intellectualised romantism!"
That's a really gr8 compliment for me.. :)
Glad that u liked it :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Chowla JI..
Thanks a lot for comment :)
Glad that u read it.. :)
Shankar said…
you have written very nicely amith.. hmm... actually i see some changes in you amit now a days.. now a days your posts are mostly concerned with romance... lost love.... etc..etc...
Shruti said…
Ahhh...amit! Beautifully written! Like shankar told even am seeing those changes. I wanna write that as a comment. But when i read shankar's comment, i thought of seconding him!
Coming to the post, do u wan me to comment? IT IS ALWAYS GREAT!
Singh Amit said…
@ Shankar...

Thanks a lot.. :)
Oh! really...ha ha ha :) I haven't noticed it...
This is just a spontaneous change to accept something New... :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Shruti.. :)

Thanks a lot for ur lovely comment.. :)
Ur comments are always encouraging.. :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
I realize you mentioned something very unusual thing...which I have never come across ever..."People with Virgo sun sign are assumed less romantic. Might be this is because they have powerful analytical ability."
...What’s this calculation dude!!

...I'm obsessed bcoz, "I'm Virgo~September Born"...and to my wisdom.."I find myself Creative too by Nature" should I believe with your story and say may be I'm here balancing the Sun sign and the Creativity to reflect Romantism!:P

You are so spontaneous to your musing...and I simply adore this..I liked the way U started with the history and moving on to logics and beliefs… influencing me to introspect thyself :)

Keep the spark Alive..
Singh Amit said…
@ Rachana..
Thanks a lot :)
It feels me unusual too as I am also a Virgo..and creative too...As I feel...
How ever, the book of "Linda Goodman" on "Sun sign" is quite famous..after reading it..I made this conclusion which is only probability, not certainty.... :)...
May be it is not just sun sign but also other like moon sign effect our character too.. :)
Thanks again for reading my ramblings..
Extremely happy that u read it.. :)
Keep visiting..
Madhu said…
Amit, good post. Well, if you ask me if i am a romantic, it would be a big YES. Every emotion which happens within us, tells us something. the emotion could be sadness, happiness, sexuality or downright lust. World is filled with romanticism...

Oh dear, this is why I shouldn't have chocolate cake along with coffee the first thing in the morning. I go hyper, hyper romantic. Good day!
Singh Amit said…

Thanks a lot... :)
So true.. :)
"Every emotion which happens within us, tells us something. the emotion could be sadness, happiness, sexuality or downright lust. World is filled with romanticism..."
I truly believe being romantic is Sine qua non for a cheerful life... really Life would be so dry without Romanticism... :)
R S V said…
I always take my time to comment in such 'intellectual' posts......
and after reading this I found that I am romantically (hyper)active....
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot RSV
glad that u liked it :)
"I am romantically (hyper)active...."
Ur blog reflects that... :)

Roshmi Sinha said…
A life or mind which consists of only numbers, is all logic, only scientific and filled with calculations... and which cannot or does not appreciate the fine arts, literature or poetry... is incomplete, and "poor" in every sense of the word. Such a life is not worth living...
Singh Amit said…
Very true Roshmi :)
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment:)

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