Homeless Child

This is a story of a woman who had lost everything in his life. She had no purpose to live. But one day her life again filled with love, laughter and poetry.

In the silence of her shadow
She remained hidden
Frightened by the light
She resided in the gloom of day and night
Her heart pounded, her eyes searched
For an unknown, mysterious, unspecified
She looked into sky and deep into her heart
She saw the sky as a reflection of her heart
Blank, colourless, cloudless and barren
Yenning for the drop of rain
Trying to be oblivious to her aching and pain
Enduring the words ‘mad’ and ‘insane’
She was in the pursuit of the meaning
The gist of her life
She wanted to run like a child
Running in the garden so freely, so jovially
She wanted to fly in the sky like the bird
So smoothly, so graciously, so lively
And one day clouds spread into her heart
It rained, flower boomed, fragrance prevailed
She danced; she sang; she ran; she flew
She was no longer a cripple
Sitting on a wheel chair
Her soul was dancing in the air
Ruining all the subtle layer
Of weakness, tediousness, vagueness
She got the miracle in his eyes.
Music in his words; delight in his smile,
Vigour to run miles after miles.
*In the innocence of this homeless child
She got her home, her essence of life,
And a longing to live till eternity
As she had realized the love, the beauty


Anonymous said…
hey very nice and touching poem..
really a child fills the life with joy a person always searches for..
well done..
keep writing :)
Anonymous said…
very touching and inspiring :)
Sat_hi_sh said…
a very relaxing poem man :)
loved it alot :)

u sure do make ur peoms soothing :)
keep blogging
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Sunshine
Thanks a lot.. :)
Keep visiting :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it..
Keep visiting :)
Ekam said…
Very touching poem. Thanks for sharing:)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot Ekam.. :)
Roshmi Sinha said…
Such a beautiful and touching poem! Thanks for sharing...
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot :)
Glad that u liked it :)
divsi said…
thers soooo much we can learn frm children...innocence, puerile inquistiveness, purity, truthfulness, loyalty, forgivenes...

they re one who can teach philosophy to elders in the simplest form..
n yr poem jus brought that out!!
well written!:)
Singh Amit said…
@ Divsi

Thanks a lot for wonderful comment :)


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