Desire Of Pinnacle

The voracious desire of pinnacle and tempestuous ambition of power and money, put a man in the labyrinth of distress and agony and when, for the first time, he witness himself in the mirror of consciousness, he feels that the sweat over his eyebrows are now tears of his eyes. The scenery which enchants him with such a luxuriance beauty, exuberant and greenery is dried out to a barren, swarthy and arid atmosphere. He can not distinguish whether his eyes ceases to see or he is facing the fundamental reality of existence. He is known by everyone, but unknown to himself. His accomplishment quenches his mind but, has a drought in his heart. The drop of love vaporizes in the heat of hope. He never realizes that in the race of getting zenith, he is trampling the seeds of those beautiful plants which will one day provides him the zephyr of love, serenity and peace. He runs and runs,and when he stops, he finds himself on the death-bed of his hollow and unfulfilled desires.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment :)
Yayaver said…
the mirage of happiness all the time sunks man further in sorrows..article was good but the words were tough to crack...will try to raise my standard from next time.

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