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Do I realize, what makes me heavy?

Do I visualize, what restricts me to see?

Do I understand, what chokes me to express?

Do I feel, what compels me to be in the race?

Carrying the past makes me heavy.

Old, rotted, orthodox thoughts veils me to see

Conditioned, slave, reactive minds stops me to express

Faintness compels me to be in the race


Why do I hesitate to see in her twinkling eyes?

Why do my words for you, never leave my throat?

Yet, why do I feel that you are mine?

Yet, why do I dream you at every night?

Your resplendent eyes blurred my eyes

Love can not be compiled in earthly-size

But when I see in a clear, shiny sky

I feel you, just near by.


Parv Kaushik said…
this was a nice one!! the color coding was something tricky i liked it!!!

keep blogging!

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