Road, Long And Green

Often, we are at cross-roads
We find many ways
Many ways to proceed
Many ways to get led
Some are long and green
Some are short and barren
We got bemused
Which one is my road?
To take me to my destination
To fulfil all my desire, all my passion
Destinations are only a consequence
Of your dreams, desires and unfulfilled sense
We travel to get destination,
It is journey between two stations
Former is transient, latter is long session
Mortality can kill you, before destination
But cannot break the road, which you have chosen
Cannot recedes your steps, you have taken
Life lives in moment, is a journey without a milestone
I believe in seen, more than unseen
So, I choose the road, long and green


Yayaver said…
"My life is odyssey of hedonism." is too cruel sided reflection of life. Still nice poem with last 3 lines arein contradiction with each other moods.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanks for making me to realize my fault. I have modified my post.Actually, I have got the wrong meaning of word'hedonism'. I do not mean it to happiness,derived from self indulgence.I really appreciate your comment.
Yayaver said…
always following each of your words.. as they live trace mark of yours vast heart

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