Go To Hell, You Fool!

How ridiculous and enigmatic it is, is not it? , when a majority of population is starving to death, hankering for basic amenities like bread, cloth and roof, so called humanitarians and philanthropists are crowning and decorating the stoned sculptures of worth a million rupees to showcase either their reverence or to mark themselves a religious being, which finally step up him to a political or commercial ladder in an orthodox and blind country, like India. They turn up the curtain called ‘preservation of culture and tradition’ with a clandestine desire of selfishness. A foolish man can only misuse the religion. This is what the people are doing, never questions their belief, the tradition and led the mankind to the abyss of religious fanaticisms and chaos. I get bemused when I think about the people (actor, politician, and industrialist) like them, how people of such kind, donate so much amount of money in temples, I find, three types of people

1.) First kinds are the sick and worn out. Having reached to the top, has not provided a single dew of happiness, so they want it in future (after death) and find the concept of heaven more reasonable. So this is an investment in account of their God.

2.) Second kinds of people are some what smarter. They are not driven by the concept of heaven. For them, it is way to be an epitome of certain religion which will finally help them in their political or commercial, or industrial interest.

3.) Third types of people are those whose eyes, ears and mind are conditioned according to lifeless line, written in scriptures. Their repression compensates their sense of greatness and purity. They find to serve an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient more agreeable and logical than to serve others human being, in which some are castigated for their past crimes and some are acting like sinners(according to their orthodox scriptures).

There may be other type of people. Some may have nice intentions. If you know other types, your comments are welcome. For the three types of people I will only say, “Go to hell, you fool”.


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