Mockery Of Religion

Caution: Highly provocative and blasphemous post. So read at your own risk.

I am not a religious person, not as religious as, it is being defined by so called sant and Bapus. Now days, the lotus feet of one of Bapu is in Varanasi. I am not excited at all what he delivers in his teachings here but, I have been a reader of their teachings(by monthly magazine issued by their foundation) in my childhood days and fortunately, today Danik Jagran provided me the glimpse of his teachings, the reverence of his followers. He has given statements like “India is a blessed country since it gives so much respect to the saints and Mahatma.” And other was “one who disrespects saints and gives false allegation to them, is destroyed.”

For the first statement I can only say, “India is one of the country where people can be duped, can be made blind and dumb in the name of religion, in the name of god, in the name of heaven and hell, in the name of every thing which is unknown because we are the people who are being duped, choked from the centuries. We have been habituated, conditioned and some people are providing sleeping pills to those who are already sleeping. People do not respect you. Saints, like you, has handicapped the thinking process of people by preaching the old and lifeless lines of scriptures, by extinguishing their thirst by muddy water, when they require elixir. These people are not respecting you, they are so unhappy, distressed and in melancholy, they search for a river where they can rest, can celebrate and you give them hope of future (after death) and you ,make them to realize that whatever is happening at that moment is result of past. They give you the simple formula to get rid of all distress like chanting Ram, Ram, by hearing the fictitious stories, by praising the god, by crowning the stoned sculptures. It is easy and convenient. It suits us. What a simple thing it is? India is doing this for century, then why people are still unhappy. They are fighting, looting. Do you know how many fights have been occurred in the name of religion, in the name of Vishnu and Siva? You, people are not healing the wounds of people but wrapping a cloth on their wounds which is ceasing them to analyze where these wounds are and how it can be cured. “

Now for the second statement I will say,” In general, it is not the love or knowledge that makes one to believe in God. It is ‘FEAR’. From centuries, people are being threatened in the name of hell and heaven, and this is just a tradition which is being followed by so called saints. A fearful person can not love god. He can only serve like slave. God needs no slaves and why do he need? He is already omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Neither god need respect, because he has no hunger of prestige, he has no ego; he has no inferiority complex like you. And god is such a powerful being, if he can destroy the people who disrespect their dear, saints then why can he not changed the mind of these people ,as god is so merciful and compassionate. Why do a saint care when some one disrespect you; why do you fear; history is witness that in the name of true religion and spirituality, people who oppose, is not destroyed but the saints (who are really saints, according to me) like Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir, Jesus, Socrates, Osho have sacrificed their life for saying light to light in the midst of blind people. It is not easy call a spade a spade and to open their eyes, it requires courage and endurance.”


Anonymous said…
I will Pray for you as I do all people. Jesus / GOD do exsists, and God's people in order to trust in Him and have faith in Him, we all must go through trials. Which brings us closer to him. The fear in which you are mentioning here of God, Is the WRATH of GOD!
Some day so very soon, all People will SEE JESUS come from Heaven, all eyes shall see Him, In all His glory, and if your name isn't written down in the BOOK of LIFE, you will not See the Most Beautifulest Place God Created for His People. Your article, is full of hate for God, and His Son Jesus. What did God do to you?? He did everything for you HE SAVED YOU FROM HELL, HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU, HE WAS WHIPPED / STABBED WITH A SPEAR, NAILED THROUGH HIS HANDS AND FEET FOR YOU. JESUS LOVES you even from this mean and hateful, untrusting post. Jesus Saves even the most hateful person. In JESUS NAME I ASK THAT YOU SAVE THIS PERSON FROM THE GATES n FIRES OF HELL.

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