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The Indian Dream

Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to participate in BLOG-A-TON. However I have written this post as my regular post. Hope! you would like it... :)  

Indian Dream! Let me tell you I am not talking about the dream that we see with closed eyes, sleeping in bed under the warm blanket in the icy-cold nights, I am talking about the dream we see with open eyes, wiping the sweating over the head, running on the long road of success, hoping the best and guiding ourselves with honesty and ethics.
Even to dream, one must be able. So first I dream to make India so capable that people could dream. Would any one expect from a child without giving him proper knowledge of engineering or medical to dream for being an engineer or doctor. Obviously not... when every Indian would realize, would find what his dream is... I earnestly feel Indian dream would not be far away to realize. Now, what are the obstacles that need to be removed?

First is religion. India is so diverse in religious beliefs. It is good, if we see it as a garland of different flowers. But we just pretend it to see...In reality we see this diversity as an inequality. So much biasing and belief in its supremacy have created a chaos, a religious fanaticism in people. Unfortunately people call it faith and treat themselves as a saviour of Dharma. They have totally misinterpreted its meaning. And our so called Sant, Mahatma are adding fuel to fire. People like Pramod muttalik, organisation like Bajrang Dal and Simi have blinded the people and are not letting them to understand where the true meaning of religion lies.
Second is Inequality. There is difference between ‘Inequality’ and ‘difference’.  One cannot omit differences but still one can reduce inequality. The job of farmer and engineer are different but we have made it unequal too. We can omit inequality. It is in our hand. We have to make people realize that even a work of sweeper is as quite significant as an engineer. This would give the sense of respect towards his work. 
If one visits India, one can find the reflection of richest as well as the poorest country of the world. One can see skyscrapers and slum both in one Mumbai. There is a difference of sky and earth in the economic condition of the people of India and somehow I feel that it plays a significant role in breeding corruption and chaos in the country.
Third is casticism and regionalism. These are the things which are breaking India internally and trying to ruin its sovereignty. People like ‘Raj Thackeray’ are still exaggerating the situation to the worse.  Some unscrupulous politicians are trying to create wall between the people to meet their filthy greed.  Casticism is curse for the people but a blessing in disguise for politician. They are misusing it to whole to satisfy their dirty political ambition. How could casticism end when governments are made by the exploitation of casticism? Reservation is too exaggerating the situation. I remember, till the date when 27% of reservation was implemented in higher institution, we did not feel the difference in caste but after this, it forced to see the grimy glimpse of casticism. To the study, I feel that it is sustainable but reservation in the jobs (medical and research) seems totally preposterous and politically-driven.

We, Indian, sometimes are so attached with the glory of past that we don’t feel to glorify our country in future. In movie ‘Swadesh’, I really liked when SRK said, “India is not the best Country, but it can be the best.” So people need to look forward, keeping behind old histories and mythologies and should dream for future. Still there are people who believe India as the best country at least morally and culturally but they don’t realize, society which does not change, begins to stagnate.
 I earnestly believe that if the diversity of climate in India is properly utilized along with scientific techniques in agriculture, India would be really crowned as “AnnaDaata”. Just compare the agriculture status of India and America; just compare the quality of cows in India and America We would realize India has just quantity not quality. But as an optimist, I belief one day we would convert this quantity into quality and from that day we would supply food and milk to the whole world.  
 I don’t know it was joke or reality when one of my friend said, “Do you think Windows Xp was written in India? No... It was not the operating system but the ‘help’ files were written in India." This shows a very dark side of software growth for which we are so pompous. Just take anything from mobile to computer; you would realize how mediocre we are.  Whatever work we are doing(in India) is more of quantity not quality.
In terms of Defence technology we are one generation behind to China. We are still not able to develop indigenous products.  We are dependent on Russia and Israel. There is ratio of 30:70 in developing any technology. I dream to make it 100:0 or at least reverse the ratio in coming future. I think that Defence is such thing in which self sufficiency is very much required to secure itself in the current situation when India is surrounded by two potent enemies China and Pakistan.
There are many other areas like Art, Literature, sport and movies where we need to focus as these are the things which truly demonstrate our intellect, quality, passion, culture, tradition and reason. We are doing well but we have to do the best. We have to win Gold medals in Olympics; we have to win Oscar; we have to win Noble Prize.  

Believing is achieving. We have to believe that it would happen. And the day when everyone would start dreaming with open eyes in the light of hope and honesty, it would not be far away that India would be the most prosperous and the most peaceful country in the world.


Guria said…
Did you know the people who wrote Google, their advisor was an Indian?

I really like the importance you gave to believing (and doing) in what we can be rather than all that is not there.

I applaud your outlook. I wish others understood the distinction, and stopped comparing.

Sorry about blabbing. :P
Your post was TOO GOOD! :)
A pity you didn't make it in time for Blog-a-Ton 3!

Cheers, G.
Shankar said…
a very nice post amith.. hey you can submit as a late entry for blog-a-ton.. incase you missed out the day or something. contact vipul yaar.. this post have the chances of wrapping up votes..potentially a winner..may be....
unno y i like readin ur posts ... may be coz ur views r so similar to mine abt few issues ... esp : Politics n religion .... U described big topics in simple n interestin manner .... loved the post ... really !!!
Singh Amit said…
@ Guria
Thanks a lot :)
Glad that u liked it.... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Shankar
Thanks a lot :)
"this post have the chances of wrapping up votes..potentially a winner..may be...."
Ur comment means a lot.. :)
I would have participated, just somewhat busy now a can not read all the entries...
Well, i would participate next month.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Suga..
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment.. :)
Glad that u liked it... :)
Keep visiting :)
divsi said…
And our so called Sant, Mahatma are adding fuel to fire. People like Pramod muttalik, organisation like Bajrang Dal and Simi have blinded the people and are not letting them to understand where the true meaning of religion lies.

so well said!!!
pats on yr back!!! meaningful post!:) .....

as always!:)
Bharathi said…
excellent. I agree to everything you said.
Singh Amit said…
@ Divsi.
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Bharathi..
Thanks a lot for ur encouraging comment.. :)
Glad that u liked it :)
@ Amit

Boy! You make things so much clear and straight.

I love your concern over such issues more because that is how U make me think and feel like intellect.

Bold but Beautiful post!!

Yayaver said…
Have not read your post till now, will be reading in coming days. Just check this weblink on indian dream issue. 'Indian Dream'
Babli said…
Wonderful post. I liked it very much.
Please accept your award from my blog -
Singh Amit said…
@ Rachana... :)
Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment.. :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Keep visiting... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Yayaver...

Waiting for your wonderful comment :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot for the award... :)
Extremely happy... :)
You made my day!! :)
Surya said…
Pranam Amit,

Let the plans get executed.... let the reflections transform to illuminations....

Let India shine as they say!
I am very much affected ...
u know Amit u r a great man..not all people are like u...or atleast not all IITians are like u....for others I may seem pessimistic but u know where I am right....HATTS(AS WELL AS WIGS) OFF BUDDY..

aur haan, ye sirf tumhe hi lagta hai ki meri biwi tumhe like karti hai...

Yayaver said…
Never the problem is about inequality but more about unproportionate distribution of power or money. Inquality is in treatment.. Amit you have done wonderful job on Blog ton by writing about Indian dream. I believe in Tagore's poem of "where is mind without fear" after going through this post. We will achieve our dream one day, i am with you...
Singh Amit said…
@ Surya
Thanks a lot.. :)
keep visiting :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment... :)
Glad that you liked it... :)

In btw, I assume this appreciation is not the compensation for my girl friend to become your wife... :) ha ha ha :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Yayaver
Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment... :)
Yes, we can reduce inequality... but really the uneven distribution of power and money is enlarging the gap and parting the society into different apprehensive sections...
As an optimist , we should believe that one day we would turn Indian Dream into reality.. :)

Hi Amit
Thanks for dropping by..Read your post. Seems that your blog has lot of interesting stuffs to read. To be honest when I saw your profile I didn’t think you would be so matured and clear in your thinking. This post was very well thought of. Its so true that if all of us strive and try we can definitely make India the best place to live in.Your parameters were well laid off . Its so true we need to dream with open eyes then only we can aim for perfection.
Singh Amit said…
@ Butterfly Thoughts.. :)
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it... :)
Keep visiting :)
Vipul Grover said…
Hey Amit why didn't u send the link 2 me. I hd specifically mentiond tht u may snd me d link personally if u miss the deadline. Anyway, i came 2 know about this post, wn a prsn voted 4 it.
Will cum back 2 read it. I hop u make it 2 d nxt Blog-a-Ton in time. Still um adding ur link 2 the list of entries:)
Vipul Grover said…
A very nice take on the topic Amit.
Really liked the intro, specifically
Even to dream, one must be able. So first I dream to make India so capable that people could dream.

Another relevant point which i'l luv 2 second is -
We, Indian, sometimes are so attached with the glory of past that we don’t feel to glorify our country in future.

Keep adding sch dimensions 2 blog-a-ton. Cheers:)

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