Love Conqures All; A Short Story

Heaviness of clouds, stillness of air and frequent roaring of clouds were assuring a heavy rain. On the muddy slippery greenish road, they were running with a fishing rod in their hands. Soon, they were on the bank of river. After searching a perfect place, they put their fishing rods in between the elegies and JalKumbhi, they were incessantly watching the small wooden stick above the water that was sporadically vibrating in the presence of their hunt (fish).
Whole day passed. The two, Prakash and Gita, had caught enough fishes and now they were about to depart. Prakash was Sixteen years old and Gita was two years younger to him. They studied in same school, and despite having difference in their age, they were in same school which was often a subject of pride for Gita that irritated Prakash too much. But, No doubt, they were close friends. Their friendship was as old as they were. At one moment they fought and the next moment they were friends. “Sorry” and “Thank you” were not in the dictionary of their friendship. There was spontaneity, an innocence that brought them always together.
They were in the age in which people begin to see such relationships with their constricted-crassness spectacles in the shadow of pseudo morality. As Prakash and Gita were not of same caste, it was also a grave concern for so called moralist. Soon, their parents were familiarized with this issue which was a hidden threat to both families.
They did not realize when their closeness was dragged apart. Soon they were in different school. Often Prakash saw Gita with her sad eyes in midst to his cousins and siblings in her way to school that made him restless but as he was aware to the consequences he never dared. They did not talk yet both were missing each other. They were missing their togetherness. They were missing the thrill, the joy they used to felt while hunting the fish with their fishing rods. They were apart but their memories were instilled in a way that they could never forget each other.
Time passed. Now Prakash had done Diploma in Electrical, and was now working in private company in Delhi. He was now 22 years old. But still his memories were as fresh as he was just 14 years old, wandering with Gita in rainy days on muddy pavements. Praksah had left the village since he was eighteen and today after getting his job, he was going to his village. His eyes were impatient to see the glimpse of his childhood in the greenery of fields, in the fragrance of its air, in the touch of his 18 years old life. The three years of distance had washed up all the old attitudes of people towards Prakash. Now, he was no longer “Prakash” of the past who was once summoned and challenged for his immoral behaviour.
Soon, the village, the river, the air, the rainy season caught Prakash in his old memories that brought a storm. A storm that could even shook 22 years old man. Whole night, he was not able to sleep. And in the early morning, he decided to meet Gita, disregarding all the consequences.
With the help of his old friends Prakash arranged a meeting with Gita in the evening.
For the next five minutes, neither of two spoke. The silence was broken down by Prakash as he said...
“You are getting married, are not you?”
Hiding her dismay she replied averting her eyes...
“Yes! I am....and what about you” 
“What about me? Are you asking if I am married or not?”
She whispered,” yes! “
“Ok! I am not...I am not going to be in future too...”
There was a conviction and desperation in the voice of Prakash.
They continued their discussion which often turned to sobbing and crying. Finally, they moved to their respective home with unknown feelings and hidden motives.

After 10 Years

It is a sunny morning. A middle age man and woman are enjoying the morning tea in the peaceful ambiance, glistened by red sunlight and scented by the fragrance of refreshing –cool-cozy morning air. T.V. is broadcasting news which is saying about the news of a boy and girl who have ran away from their home despite of different religion and have got married. A riot has broken off. Some people are saying it unfortunate; some are saying Immoral; some are saying it is a religious conspiracy...
But soon it takes the two ten years before when he had hold his hand and still she is feeling its warmth in her life. This was the warmth of their love which made them to face insurmountable difficulties after they ran away from their home. Pearly drops trickles through their eyes. The man puts her hand on her, presses her hand slightly. She feels sweetness, a comfort, an overwhelming shivering in her body. Let people say it good or bad but they know it was the best decision of their life. “Love conquers all”.


So simple and nice.If you really love someone you should stand by them and be with them. liked the story and happy for gita that Prakash was there for her:-)
R S V said…
a real good one..

but it once again made me feel like an idiot....
Geeta where are you??
Prakash(read Rahul) is waiting for u?
(do i look like a despo??0
@ Amit
Indeed a beautiful Story like a lovely poem. I loved the part/para where the felling of Missing someone is true.

...Many a times people do what their parent indulge them to do

..ignoring the children's no wise thing to do!

Why sometimes Religion/Caste Creed...beocmes bigger than Love...which all preach and never allow to follow...

Indeed, Love need lots of Courage to Conqure All and cherish a dream.

But at the end after all the struggle...the couple must be thinking that glad they struggled.
..afterall it made them realise the truth and not go just filmy.

Strugle Together always Strengthens the Bond/Relationship..

Beautiful effortmad made by U, Amit to stimulate the expressions. Looking forwad to more such lovely love stories...

Shilpa said…
It was a nice and cute story.

By the way, these days you are writing a lot about love and romance... ;D,what's the matter?

(hey don't mind my comment,i am just joking.Kya karu, I am 'aadat se majboor'...) :)

Roshmi Sinha said…
A lovely story indeed!

Infact... folks have conveniently forgotten the concept of "Swayamvar"... which was an integral part of our culture/tradition.
Singh Amit said…
@ Butterfly Thoughts... :)
Thanks a lot... :)
Glad that you liked it.. :)
Keep visiting.. :)
Singh Amit said…
thanks a lot... :)

Idiot!...I don't think so..
you are being Romantic, dear... :)
happy that u liked it.. :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Rachana..
I really loved your comment as you have so perfectly condensed all my thoughts behind this story in your apt lines.. :)
"Strugle Together always Strengthens the Bond/Relationship.."
So true... :)
You may forget the one with whom you have laughed, but never the one with whom u have wept.. :)

Keep visiting.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
ha ha ha :)
you have put a nice question...

Nothing more...Just exploring..I am romantic or not.. :)

And Plz..I would never mind your comment...So feel free to comment... :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Roshmi.. :)
Thanks a lot.. :)

So true..really folks have forget "Swayamvar"

Indian Pundit said…
Overdose of Cute and Sweetness.

Great story that touches our hearts.Cheers man.
Shankar said…
A very good touching story amith.. another love story.. good one...
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
Very Happy that u liked it.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Shankar
Thanks a lot :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Bharathi said…
Finally I found time to comment. I read all your recent posts, but since all were very heavy topics it require more time to think and comment. unfortunately I dont find that during the week. You are getting better and better with your thinking and writing skills. All the best.
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot Bharathi... :)

Your comment is really encouraging.. :)
Thank you very much for reading my previous posts.. :)

Shruti said…
Very cute,simple and expressive story!!
Another post on Love! Some chemical changes happening within you eh?!
Sat_hi_sh said…
Simple bot adorable story Amit :)
liked it alot ..
ur narration was very neat...
U sure have a penchant for love stories :)

keep blogging
Singh Amit said…

Thanks a lot... :)
Chemical Changes!!
ha ha ha ha :)
Let it happen...i think it's good for me.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Sathish.. :)
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that you like it.. :)
Keep Visiting.. :)
BK Chowla said…
Good to read and feel your romantic side too.
anushree said…
simple and clean..
yet it had so much to convey...belief,courage,faith,n dare to live upto ur dreams...
i realy liked it!
Singh Amit said…
@ Chowla Ji
Thanks a lot... :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
So true... Feeling so happy that you have pointed out the essence of my story in your wonderful words...
"belief,courage,faith,n dare to live upto ur dreams..."

Shankar said…
Congrats for the blog adda buddy..great going...
RSV said…
congos from my side too...
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a ton.. :)

Thanks a ton :)
pallavi said…
Just what i need to read.. an inspiring love story!

pallavi said…
Just what i need to read.. an inspiring love story!

Priya said…
oooooooooooooooooooh!!! u know what dear every friend of mine is going to do this only ;) i just hope u r not in that list hehheee agar hai v to koi gal ni.......... ;)

anyways how beautifully u've penned down such cozy, romantic feelings between two people who loved each other so passionately and who share an eternal bond of love towards each other ..i m really glad that i read this......

you have put forth few many pivotal issues through ur story... one- the sickening mindset of the people who consider caste, religion above everything and for whom love, feelings, emotions have no relevance..... 2- the moments spent together with ur loved ones have their own special place and importance which always remain fresh in our hearts ..forever... 3- when u love someone then u can do anything to get tat love in ur life.... then there is no fear of loss... 4- love conquers all :)

its getting really long no..oopss i shud cut it now..... but wanna say buddy keep up the good spirit n just keep moving ur pen....all the very best for eveything.... :)

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