Acceptance: A unique medication

This beautiful painting is painted by Elizabeth-Silk

Is it possible to determine what is going to the next moment? If I switch on the bulb, light spreads over ubiquitously. But there must be electricity and many other things. So, what I want to enunciate is, our life is determined by the laws and limited by the constraints. Laws are physical or metaphysical; local or universal. Constraints may be social, political, economical and cultural. We do not know the theory of everything but whatever theory (like Newton’s law of motion) we know we can determine the effect of cause like the distance covered by a projectile for a given velocity and gravity. So, is it really possible to know what will happen to our life in every dimension, once we know the theory of everything? I am not becoming very optimist but I feel, somehow this theory (every thing is determined) gives me a sense of acceptance of the thing happening around me, happening inside me. I personally deem that acceptance is the greatest medication and a path to meditation, a psychological remedy to most of the problems. In life, we face many disaster, many heart-breaking situations. Now at this time either we can accept the things or can yell in faintness,”why me?” Acceptance gives us a clearer vision, serene mind to think over the problems. Acceptance makes us a witness who watches everything (like a meditative person watches its breath). Acceptance is not idleness. It doesn’t lead us to inactivity but makes us to realize for being responsible for our own situation. If we believe this, we will not blame anyone; we will not regret for anything. It gives us a sense of detachment to the fruits and feeling of gratefulness for what we have got. If we accept ourselves, we will love ourselves. If one cannot love himself, how can he love others? When one love oneself, a feeling of uniqueness, individuality dawns upon him, illuminating the darkness of self humiliation and inferiority. Acceptance is like celestial rain drops which washes ours dusty, stained and contaminated facade and again make us lovely and beautiful in the mirror of our consciousness.


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