When death touches you, it gives a new life

Mr X is lying on the expensive cushioned mattress. His eyes are half-closed; his breaths are slow and heavy. His forehead is shining with the oil. He is in white Kurta-payjama. The fragrance of artificial scent of Ferrari brand has superseded the scent of medicine. He is as restive as a dead body.  Sometimes his lip is quivering as he is praying or saying something. His son Y and Z are standing both sides, besides his legs. Some of his relatives have also entered into the room. Seeing his condition, their eyes are moistening. They are not able to stop crying and praising...” what a noble man he is! He is the man of determination. Just See his achievements, where he was and where he is now, a poor farmer boy to billionaire.”

 Mr X is half dead for his family. But Mr X is still as awakened from inside as he used to be at any business deal. All the events like images with sounds are rounding in his head. He is seeing the desperation for being rich, being successful in his college days. He is reminding how he was feeling jealous of the students from prosperous family; how tensed he was when for the first time he was called for interview; how his goal of doing social service lost its identity in the zigzag path of corporate world; how he has chased the source of fruits and never has tasted them; how an emotional gap is created between him and his wife, between him and his children due to his workaholic nature; how he used to fear from death and now when death is near he is feeling more peace and calmness as he has never experienced in his whole life. For the first time, he has time to think of something beyond his desire of success, beyond his business. He is realising how ridiculous and unimportant his stresses and tensions were, who used to present at every time before any deal and after any deal who finally led him to death-bed, merely in his fifties . He is not repenting but thanking and praying to god, if it is possible to give him some more days to relish this beautiful world with the open eyes, with open heart. He is reminding the lines which he had once read,” When death touches you, it gives a new life.”


Yayaver said…
The pain and loneliness or peace and calmness of death. You prefer tha latter one and me first one. Both of us doesn't know the answer !!!

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