Blood Sucking Vampires

The prevalence of underweight children in India is among the highest in the world, and is nearly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa, the report says. It also observes that malnutrition in India is a concentrated phenomenon. A relatively small number of states, districts, and villages account for a large share of the burden – 5 states and 50 percent of villages account for about 80 percent of the malnutrition cases. visit to the link

A tangible, vulnerable blow of air
Arid, dried with a dusty-layer
A fire, igniting the innermost core
Melting and flowing through every pore
Restive eyes are soliciting with a mute cry
Heart is tired with a sullen sigh
Body has been bent like a twisted oak
Hand and legs are strained like a fork
Stomach looks like a concave dried river
Forehead is burning with fever
A bony figure, devoid of flesh
Crippling and pulling, when we are in race
Of money, fame and passion
Oblivious to the question
Who is responsible?
Every one, but what about them
Who are feeding from the underneath of the table?
Crowing millions, burning billions with a religious label
Ignoring, one who is lamenting and crying like a feeble
Still deciphered as confluence of mercy and nobility
Tell me, are they not bloodsucking vampires?
Devouring and ridiculing their poverty and disability
For their clandestine- reprehensible-political empire.


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