My Journey to Lucknow

This was my second journey to Lucknow, a city illustrated as city of nawabs. I, my elder brother and younger one got in the Varuna express at 4:55 A.M. on 12th of July and set out for the M.B.B.S counseling of my younger brother in KGMC. Counseling was on 13th of July. So we moved off to catch a glimpse of this famous city. We planned to visit the zoo and other places like Imambada, bhool-bhulaiya. So after putting our bag and baggage into Mama Ji’s room, we hired a tempo and first went to zoo. As we entered, we first noticed a board, hanging and declaring “The most dangerous animal on the planet”. I got thrilled and as I moved near the board, there was mirror reflecting my self and for a moment, I thought,” is it true?”

I saw bear, Giraffe, rhinoceros, lion, tiger, hippotamus, zebra, and snakes and felt the rich diversity and incredible beauty of existence. I begin to ponder,” why and how existence is so diverse?Does the principal of entropy in physics correspond to the diversity of existence? Does diversity has a class, like diversity in different species and diversity in the same species? Does existence plays permutation and combination while forming a new species or it is deterministic? Let’s leave it what ever it is, but there is beauty in diversity, caressed by curiosity and inquisitiveness.

After that we went to Imambada. I have no such keen interest in historic buildings but for the sake of passing time I went with my brothers. It began to rain heavily and soon roads got flooded with water, cuddled with mud and dirt. Somehow we managed to stand just below a building. As soon as, raining reached a moderate level we got into a horse-rickshaw and with an amicable jerks and comfortable mumbling sound, we set out to investigate the historic facts on historic rickshaw, for just thirty rupees. We just saw chhota Imambada and left other for other days and unfortunately for seeing others, other day was not in our fortune. I do not know if time travel is possible in future(as Stephen Hawking says, it will never be )or not and for me, there is only one importance of historical things is that seeing them, snap shooting them and realizing them, makes you to travel in past to sense the unknown and to quench the inquisitiveness. It is travel through mind, if not through your body.

A gift by Russian government to Indian government
Finally, we set forth to satiate our appetite. I am not a strictly a vegetarian but I prefer to be a vegetarian as it has aesthetic value. We ordered onion -Kulcha, mix-veg and maushroom-matar with a sweet-corn soup and finally Rashmalai as a finishing dish. I found the food delectable with a luscious scent, cooked in a hygienic way. Every time I was taking a piece food into my mouth, I can feel the relishing and rejuvenating sense arising through my taste buds and reaching to my brain, gratifying and warming my hunger in a charismatic way.

my elder and younger brother
And finally, good news J my brother is allotted GSVM, college in Kanpur for his M.B.B.S course. Soon I am setting out for my first journey to Kanpur. And one thing also after seeing KGMC, Lucknow, I am feeling more elated now to be alumni of BHU for its cordial, generous and warm behavior and also for its lush, green, sparkling and beautiful campus.


Yayaver said…
yatra vritaant pad ke achha laga... Varanasi ke baare mein bhi kuch likh do agar man kare..
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanx for ur comment and suggestion
soon, I will write on something about varanasi..

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