Police And Politics

Have you watched the movie “Apharan”? I was really shattered after seeing the movie. It was quite shocking to see the dirty politics and impotent police force. One scene was really kick in the teeth, in which superintendent of Police was sobbing in the lap of his wife, explaining his incapability after being slapped by the MP. It was a movie, a fictitious story. But more or less this incident is being repeated in every parts of our country by our respected MPs and MLAs. The latest case has happened in Varanasi, in which ADM was abused and slapped; his cloths were torn apart by a MLA of Samajwadi Party and his supporters. Is it not shame for democracy? People are always being motivated to abide by laws and these representatives of people are breaking these laws and showing how impotent system is and how important they are. Who can imagine that it is Gandhi’s nation who freedom is deep-rooted in truth and nonviolence. Criminals have killed the politics. Personally, in our college days whenever we see a student, expert in exploiting others with absurd thoughts, we predicted him a great politician in near future. You can imagine what the outlook of common people about politician is. To be convicted in some mardani (masculine) case seems to be an essential qualification for being a politician. If you have slapped a police; if you have led a protest march; if you have burnt effigy.  Then, feel that you are on the right path to join politics. I am going to join DRDO as scientist, we have three verification from police, IB and CBI and these politicians who are going to represent our country; going to lead us to prosperity and happiness do not need ­ any qualification, do not need unstained, spotless political image. Where are we leading , Democracy to autocracy?


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