My Lost Love

It was a sunny morning. The fresh zephyr of coziness was embroidering my whole body with a mystical feeling. I walked along the river-side, surrounded by lush green trees, reflecting its greenery into the calm, cool and bluish water and booming its beauty to divinity. Birds were out of the next and were clamoring as they were doing their morning prayer, feeling their gratitude for a new day to live; a new day to relish; a new day to explore. I was feeing the silence inside, going deeper and deeper as I was witnessing everything happening around me. The semi-circled Sun, in the red crust was rising in the far horizon, embellishing the sky with a blooming redness, and layering the blue sky with an exquisite creativity. I was walking with a full awareness of every movement of my body parts and appreciating existence as an overwhelming gift.

Suddenly as I approached to the temple, the scenery took me to the reminiscence of my past, an unforgettable wound that pinches my heart, trembles my existences and obstructs the seed to plant, to flourish which was sowed in my childhood with pure, delicate, and unaltered hands of me and her. I remember her inviolable hands in my hand, swinging simultaneously up and down, harmonizing the inner-gaiety and levity in a rhythmic fashion. A mystical feeling and unison of senses, running through my body to her, was centering the turbulence of feeling in the heart. My eyes were witnessing her pretty face, dazzling black eyes, her half-closed black hair in the layout of blue sky, spectacular green trees, and breezy chilled air, in the morning shadow of temple. When I looked into her eyes, the veils of intellect, shame and modesty mingled into an ocean of an unknown, which my heart deciphers today as ‘Love’, a feeling of laying out for no reason, for no gain and still gearing up for any pain. The day was the last day of my heavenly life when I heard that she was no more. I know her loss was heaven’s gain and still today, in the rain of his remembrance, the petals of flower boom, spreading the aroma of love, happiness and livingness in my barren life.


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