Love happens only once & rest is just life

It was not vivid, but it sounded emphatic and for a moment, turned my attention to the young couple, sitting under a dense shadow of banyan tree, on a stoned chair. Their body was tensed, their action were symbolizing their annoyance and irritation. Soon their discussion turned into an exaggeration and sudden gust of temper turned into a departure in two opposite direction. As the bridegroom turned towards my position, I slightly turned my eyes and for a moment I got shocked. Oh no! He was Kirtan, my friend, who was my room-mate for past 3 years in IT-BHU. After graduation I went to do research and he went to the software firm. I was invited in his marriage, but first time I realized what is difference between a professional-life and college life. College life makes you ready for professional life and professional life makes you ready for a barren, captive and boring life. At first, it seemed his anger and desperation had blurred his eyes as he was staring me like an unknown tourist, in the city of mountain, Shimla.

I whispered”, Kirtan! Are you Kirtan?”
He startled and exclaimed,” Amit, Oh my God! Is this you?”
Suddenly, his whole gesture turned into a chuckling laughter from a grave and weighty seriousness.
What are you doing here, man,” he giggled, “Are you here for Honeymoon? I can not believe you are married!”
No yaar, I, somehow veiling my desperation through a phony smile, said,” I am free till now. Free to choose; free to live; free to have a trip with any girl.”
I could feel how my words were cuddled with a clandestine distress.
I promptly turned the topic and asked with emphasis to the words,” ok, tell me, how are you doing? Where is your wife, my dear Bhabhi Ji?”
He sat down beside me and ordered two cup of coffee and sighed,” you know, marriage gives you a lot of things, most importantly a partner to share your happiness, your unhappiness. When I first time meet with my wife, I saw the reflection of true love, the girl for which I used to dream. We dated for 2 years and now finally got married 6 months before. But now what is happening with me or her is not really good, we both feel like a weight for each other, possessiveness haunts both and many times it leads us a fight between us.”
I exclaimed,” are you talking about Rishita? The girl, popular for her cute look and attracting eyes”
I don’t know what happened to me as I was not able to hinder my crush to Rishita.

“Hey! Don’t call her a girl now. She is my wife”, he chuckled with a mixture of pride and desperation.
“Do you realize, half of our class-mates are crazy for her? You are winner man… Really, a winner!”
I was not able to shield my emotions in spite of his coveted warning.

“Don’t tell me that you are also crazy for her, I know you, and you have not even talked to her. Everyone jokes about you, how will you ever propose to a girl.”

“Ohhh!! Yes, I was that sort of person. But now I have changed. You know, these 3 years of experience in this doomed world has made me different. Now I can feel what the importance of love in this barren world is”

“Really! Are you saying these words? I can not believe…”

“Ok, tell me when are you getting married? Got a crush on any girl?”

Many time words creates such a storm in which we lost our control, the desperation that I have held in my eyes were rushed out through the streaky corner of the eyes, demonstrating the dismay that was layered with fake smile.

“Kirtan, I am divorced!”
(Every single word seems to be so weighty that it was hard to put on tongue)

My tear rolled out .My face was soaked with salinity of my deep anguish.
I sighed and uttered,” you know, what type of person I used to be, always used to avoid the girls. So for the first time I met Anjali, I found something comfortable with her in talking, discussing and explaining everything that I feel. She loved my talking and like a good counselor helped me to come out from many problems. We liked each other and without making any delay, we got married. For some months everything went smoothly but as we explored each other completely, we found that the image, the reflection which had attracted towards each other is a very tiny part of our personality. As you know how stubborn and obstinate I am. I led our marriage at the verge of catastrophe and finally our fragile bond turned into an emotional exodus.”

It is pathetic, yaar! But don’t be in distress. Forget, whatever happened to you. Start a new life.You are young, smart, you have job. What else do you need to have a good married life?

I sighed,” Love! I do not have this. You know, Love happens only once & rest is just life. “

Kirtan trembled from his toe to head. His perspiring face in the cold atmosphere was revealing his desperation for his wife. May be, he got the reflection of his future in the tears of my eyes.

In the mean-time, I can feel the love, arising in the heart of the Kirtan, eliminating the dark hatred for his wife and leaving a refreshed, egoless quintessential of love. I thanked my self and thought,
Pain for one, is the medicine for other


Anonymous said…
truth or fiction??
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanx for ur comment....
it is pure fiction..
I am not married...

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