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Aristotle's Philosophy And Life

Aristotle says, “Whole is more than sum of its parts”.

Well, his philosophy is very much significant in the case of system, where ‘whole’ is either performance of the system or the cost of the system.

Now, lets us contemplate over our life. Is his philosophy as significant and as apt  in csae of our life as it in case of system? Well, one thing is quite clear that life is more than mathematics; Life is more than quantity. It is not the number that strengths the people, it is their interaction, their cooperation that defines the strength. Beauty is not seeing the things as an individual but as a whole. So here beauty is the exceeding value of the sum of the individual things. It is the harmony of things, not the individual thing, which makes our life functional and enjoyable.

Now, I think this philosophy also signifies the existence of soul. Let’s take a difference of a dead body and living body. Well, dead body has same organs as a living body. But Life is whole, not the sum of its parts. This is your soul, which make ‘whole’ greater than sum of its part.

In a same way, in our relations too, this philosophy is quite applicable. Don’t make parts in your relations. Be like a whole. See, the goodness and badness, not in parts but in the whole of two. Feel the emotions and sentiments of each other, not as different parts but as a whole. Empathize yourself to others and then we can have sense of love which is exceeding value of the sum of all parts.

Joke I read somewhere :)

Applicants for a job on a Power Plant had to take a written examination, the first question of which was, “What does electromagnetism mean?”

Mulla Nasrudin, one of the applicants for the job, looked at this, then wrote against it:”it means I Don’t get job.”


Bharathi said…
amen. I agree the whole is not same as sum of the parts. True.

and I instantly laughed after reading the joke. sure I m gonna quote this some where.
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot Bharathi...

Glad that you liked it.. :)

It's lovely joke, Just i have changed it to give a feel of electrical engineering... ( Electromagnetism, Power plant)

Shruti said…
hey amit!
Good post again!!
I was reading the post with a seriousness,in the end i laughed at an instant!

Wanna tell u something that i read recently!!It signifies the education standard

""A popular MNC was conducting an interview. All the candidates were given an form to be filled up!

Name: Sameer
Discipline : Excellent at school and good at college""

The interview thing made me yo recollect this!!
Again a good post by you!!

Keep smiling re!
Indian Pundit said…
"Beauty is not seeing the things as an individual but as a whole"

Brilliant Amit.

The comparisons that u made between a dead body and a living body is just too perfect.


Now i will read ur previous post.
Durga Nandan said…
Whole is sometimes better than sum of its parts. :D
Especially when you can imagine you on one side and your body parts in a heap on the other. :D
Happybirdie said…
Well, dead body has same organs as a living body. But Life is whole, not the sum of its parts. This is your soul, which make ‘whole’ greater than sum of its part.
I loved this line..u are such an excellent writter.I enjoy reading ur posts
Singh Amit said…
@ Shruti...

Thanks a lot :)

"Name: Sameer
Discipline : Excellent at school and good at college""
Ha ha ha ha :)
implies Bad in job...(Excellent-good-bad)

Singh Amit said…
@ IP
Thanks a lot :)

Was just trying to fit Arisotle's Philosophy into Hinduism Philosophy of Soul...

Singh Amit said…
@Durga Nandan

"Especially when you can imagine you on one side and your body parts in a heap on the other. "
Very enlightening statement... that's called witnessing ownself...A way of meditation.. :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Happy Birdie..
Thanks a lot... :)

Ur comments are so encouraging.... :)
glad that u liked it..

Jaunty anima said…
Aww..beatifully expressed!!lvd d so electrical feel of d joke..:)
Singh Amit said…
thanks a lot Jaunti Anima... :)

u r welcome to my bog..

Shruti said…
Hi :)
Check out my blog!
I have something for you!

Keep smiling!
R S V said…
A beautiful idea... whole is better than sum of its parts...and then you proved that souls exist...
are u a scientist..Oh what am I asking??

once again a brilliant read..
Babli said…
Brilliant post. Your each and every post is appreciable. I love to read your posts and enjoy very much as you write in a very interesting manner.
Singh Amit said…
@ R S V

Thanks a lot.. :)

Glad that u liked it..

Singh Amit said…
@ Babli..

thanks a lot for ur encouraging comment..

wecognize said…
Another intellectual post and well described :)

"whole is bigger than the sums of its parts" this is more than Aristotle's philosophy. It is a school of thought in Psychology too :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot :)

Glad that u liked it...

workhard said…
Good post

and the joke was funny...duh.. thats why its called a joke..

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Singh Amit said…
thanks a lot workhard.. :)
Anonymous said…
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I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside... I just hope that as memory becomes cheaper, the possibility of uploading our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about all the time.

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