What Do I Need In Life?

In the low and high tides of life, the question really concerns us what is to be needed most in life. Our needs are of individual but at very fundamental, the nature of our soul is same. so I think ,it needs same nutrition. Let me tell you what I feel about the greatest need of our life.

LOVE- For me, Love is not a word that can be so easily defined by Bollywood songs. Love can be felt, not instantly, but in complete awareness.Love completes us and fills the terrible void of loneliness. Well, I cannot define love but yet I can say what cannot be love. If anyone say his emotion ‘Love’ which is cuddled with envy, competition, distrust, expectation of receiving some thing, possessiveness and distortions of other’s individuality, I can definitely say, he/she is faking. I don’t how many person will be agree with my utopian thinking or ever feel such type of Love, But you know, hypothesis are basic steps of search. 

KNOWLEDGE- I remember, in childhood, how a small green leaf of a mango tree, filled me with amazement. The round marbles, we used to play enthralled us. Slowly- Slowly as I explored these things, the amazement died out and new things substituted them. Knowledge, I feel, is residual of our exploration. An instinct, to explore, is shared by everyone. Nature has infinite capacity for exploration and so our journey to attain knowledge is never ending. We reveal mysteries; we invent new things; we discover new dimension. This is all result of our undying thirst of exploration.

COMPASSION FOR HUMAN BEING- Well, I feel, it is the best way to use your attained knowledge. The significance of our life reflects from the radiating eyes and happy smile, which we bring out to human being through our knowledge, in the journey of our life. This is something which connects our soul and gives a significant purpose to attain knowledge. Peace and serenity are gift for our compassionate nature.

 One thing is evident is that all the three things, put above, are mental or emotional need. One need bread, cloth and shelter. But I think, somehow the fulfilment of these three will bring a more lovable, more humane and more intellectual being where bread, butter and shelter will not be a bigger issue..
Bertrand Russell truly says,
Life should be inspired by Love and guided by knowledge”    


dunno abt others bt yeah I du believe in ur Uthopian theory of love .... I have once read... a fake lover talks abt hw much he loves you 2000 tyms but you will not feel it and a true lover convey his feelin jus once n u will go mad after him ... I dunno y ... I have alwaz felt n experienced it... n thus I believe it :)
"Inspired by love, guided by knowledge." seems like a famous tag line. :)
Wishing you that you find all the three in your journey,
DN :)
jamos jhalla said…
- Sugar Cube - said…
Wonderful thoughts!
Yes love & knowledge are most important in life apart from the bread & butter.Those are a being's not just emotional but spiritual fulfillment.

I like this post a lot :)good one!
Shankar said…
all the three are very important in life....

And the line from bertrand russelll is great.. nice post amith....
Amit414@ITBHU said…

Thanks a lot... :)
Glad that u r agree with my own defined utopian Love....

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ DN

Thanks a lot.. :)
Really, I feel it is one of the most beautiful line that reflects the significance of life.... :)

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@Jhalla JI

Thanks a lot... :)

You are welcome to my blog... :)

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@SUgar Cube...

thanks a lot..
glad that u like it so much.. :)

Amit414@ITBHU said…

Thanks a lot.. :)

Shruti said…
very nice post amit!!
I got reminded of a quote said by buddha, "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change"
This seems to be nothing but if we analyse it,we will understand what is life...
About love, its like,pi - natural, irrational, and very important (Engineer brain!! :P)

keep smiling
Anonymous said…
Hey Amit, That was such a sweet post.

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Shruti ... thanks a lot.. :)
nice illustration of PI :)

@ Shilpa... :)
thanks... :)
glad that u like it...
Anonymous said…
I liked very much what you said about love and knowledge but don't you think the third point somehow should belong to the first one..
I may be wrong but then please explain..

btw check out my latest post..

Sreya said…
very nice post! very simple yet so profound! :)
enjoyed reading it much!
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ R S
Thanks a lot.. :)

glad that u liked it.. :)

well, Love and compassion are very similar in nature.. But some how I feel there is subtle difference between two..
I think, compassion is emotion which emerges by seeing the pain and sufferings of people. There is subtle sense of superiority for which u r grateful to existence and want to help others as a basic duty towards others...It is more a sympathetic feeling due to human's empathetic nature.

Love is subtly different from compassion as it is emotion you feel to see your girl friend, or ur parents, in which there is no hirearchy, no sense of duty,but a emotion that makes you to be with them forever....I feel it is somewhat biological and a gift given by existence to everyone....

I can say for a very spiritual person like Buddha, these two emotions would be entwined into one..
But as a rational ground, We can differentiate the two....

thanks for the beautiful comment.. I have tried my best two differentiate the two..
May be, it is not perfect..
But any how..
Amit414@ITBHU said…

Thanks a lot..:)
U r welcome to my blog..
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Happybirdie said…
Wow!!nice compilation and subtle explanation of purest word in this world-love
thanks for commenting on my blog.
keep reading n commenting
I am following u as well.
take care
Amit414@ITBHU said…
Thanks a lot... :)
U r welcome to my blog... :)
glad that u like it... :)

BK Chowla said…
amit,it is superb.
Singh Amit said…
Thanks Chowla Ji..
ur comments are always encouraging..
Sat_hi_sh said…
i am really impressed by ur posts man :)
“Life should be inspired by Love and guided by knowledge” ,very true words Amit...

keep blogging
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot Sathish....
Glad that u liked it....
anushree said…
thanks!for posting ur comment
n thanks again...for doing that coz if u wudnt hv done so...i wud never have been able to read such lovely posts...gud work ...!
Anonymous said…
very impressive description of love n knowledge.. your posts are eye-catchers..really..
good job!
Babli said…
Love,knowledge and compassion are very important in everybody's life. You have expressed very beautifully and this post is one of your best and also unique. I like each and every post of yours.
Singh Amit said…
@ Anushree
thanks a lot.. :)
u r welcome to myBlog...

@ Rashmi..
Thanks a lot.. :)
glad that u liked it.. :)

thanks a lot.. :)
ur comments are always encouraging.. :)
Indian Pundit said…
Boy, thats awesome.

You are so amazing.

Great thoughts.

i share them.

Indian Pundit said…
“Life should be inspired by Love and guided by knowledge”

Total agreement.
i say:
"Follow your heart after consulting your brain"
Singh Amit said…
@ IP
thanks IP :)

Ur comment is so encouraging...!!


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