Life, Memories, Dreams; My Thoughts

I always feel that autobiographies are fictional as they are always written in the light of success or achievements. More often it is success in one’s life that prompts one to connect the previous dots of life and create a better picture with bright colours. Retrospection makes things brighter and colourful. However, it is always better to connect the dots of past to interpolate your future.
One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius. It is journey of life that moulds us. So what we are today is consequences of all the histories we have made till today. It is amazing to think that our history shapes us which in result shapes our future. Once history was future and one day future would be history too. Life can be simulated as a closed complex nonlinear system that propagates towards future with a feedback from the past.
In control system, there is concept of poles and zeroes. It says that if a system does not have poles and zeroes, system will be flat, barren and dull. In life, I think happiness and sorrows are pole and zeroes which creates peaks and valleys that make scenery of life so tempting and attractive. This is something chosen by nature. We are just in delusion of choosing things. Matter and antimatter co-exist. They not only nullify but also define each other. We are choosing pizza; because nature has given us hunger. This hunger makes us to appreciate the food, we are eating. If we never get hungry and other human basic instincts what would be difference between a stone and human. So to feel that we exist; we are alive, I feel somewhere the integrated views of things are to be accepted.
Memories and dreams are one of the best gifts that nature has blessed to mankind. Remembering the past gives me a sense of gratefulness towards life as I am so fortunate to live so many years of loving life. Looking back makes things so happier, so jovial, so lively that even suffering seems just a contrasting layout to make the picture of happy moment clearer and deeper. The pain endured just before the exam; the humiliation suffered after proposing the girl; the slap by the father; the fight with street boys entertain us like self produced, self directed and self acted movie. Memories are our best friend and often in form of experience and knowledge they lead us to our goals and aims.
Dreams are interpolated curve of life congruent to our memories, present and our ambitions. We dream because this is what we want to be. In dream we can be any person; we can possess anything. Dreams are great because no motivator and speaker can motivate or inspire you as you can be motivated or inspired by your own dreams. A strong dream provides us persistence and patience to fight against all the odds of our life.
The best thing I personally feel about dream and memories are they make me able to travel in time. No wonder, if I would call them Time Machine. I know....Stephen Hawking has proved that time machine is not possible...But mind it... he is not talking about my time machine. Everyone owns this time machine but just you have to know how to drive it..... So my friend! Are you ready to drive?

Someone has said, “Life is so beautiful that even death loves it so much.” And I really mean it. Life is beautiful because there is so much diversity; there is so much uniqueness; there is so much excitement. Curiosity flavours the taste of life. Our natural instincts give aim to our life. Knowledge and love gives a meaning to our life. There is suffering, there is pain but there are so many options, so many alternatives, and so many unique possibilities that even in the most disastrous condition, one can find a genuine way to move in life. It is miracle of life that every person, everything is so unique. God does not create carbon-copies. And this is the beauty of life. We make our life ugly because we do not understand our uniqueness and always try to imitate someone. This is where conflict starts and for us, despite “Life is beautiful”, the quote “life is struggle” seems more pragmatic and more profound.
Life should flow like a river. It should not be like a pond, confined in certain limits. Life like pond begins to stink. We need to flow in our own rhythm. We often create boundaries that restrict us to see far away. These boundaries are very subtle inside our mind. People praise you; people curse you; people hate you; people care you; these are all the bricks of these boundaries. The flow of life is distorted in people’s opinions.   

Happy Durga Puja :)


divsi said…
true...and really practical!
our dreams mould our lives to an extent that they can be cald time machines...its all entangled the past,present and future and the common thread is a dream...:)

beautiful approach amit! keep writing!
divsi said…
n i loved the last para..:)) i can read that again n again..superb!
Yayaver said…
Like each of your post , its one more milestone. It shows how a single creation can artfully blend such beauty, such skill and such perfection at one place. Life is beautiful for optimist and full of sorrows for pessimist for me. I disagree with your views about life from mind not with heart. I will quote Alexander Herzen here -- "I am neither a pessimist, nor an optimist; I watch, I examine, without any preconceived notion, without any prepared idealism, and I am in no hurry to reach a verdict ... I prize every fleeting pleasure, every minute of joy, for there are fewer and fewer of them ... I should not say that my present point of view is a particularly consoling one, but I have grown calmer; I have stopped being angry with life because it does not give what it cannot give."
Enjoy moments of tragedy and comedy alike.. my advice or mere hollow words of non practitioner
- Sugar Cube - said…
All I can say is - awesome post !!

Yup is like a river.It must flow like a river which changes its shape if there's resistance :)
Anonymous said…
u have theorize life, memories and dreams to perfection...
Ekam said…
Wow! Awesome. Life should be like a river. Flowing without any interruption:)
God bless you:)
Sat_hi_sh said…
Insightful post :)
At times life halts to a stop bot it doesnt stop the flow of our life :)

gr8 work
keep blogging :)
Shruti said…
What an insightful post! Nobody dares to write like you!!
Awesome! Splendid :)
Durga Nandan said…
Life is what you make of it.. The pond, cos u thot of it as a pond. A river cos u felt its a river..
Life takes the shape of ur mind..

BTW, we dont choose pizza when we are hungry. We choose anything handy. :P
Singh Amit said…
@ Divsi...
Thanks a lot... :)
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Keep Visiting :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Yayaver...
Thanks a lot...
really loved ur's so encouraging... :)
"Enjoy moments of tragedy and comedy alike"
It is the best way to live life... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Sugar Cube..
Thanks a lot...
So beautiful
"It must flow like a river which changes its shape if there's resistance"

Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot..
MASTERPIECE !! Really feeling elated... :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Ekam...

Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Sathish..
Thanks a lot..
Feeling glad that u liked it...
so true "At times life halts to a stop bot it doesnt stop the flow of our life"

Singh Amit said…
@ Shruti..
Thanks a lot ... :)
overwhelmed by your comment.. :)
Keep visiting... :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Durga Nandan...
"Life takes the shape of ur mind"
so true..... like liquid which takes shape of pot in which it is put... :)
U r true...But
.If u r hungry and have option (money) for would better go for Pizza than any handy things....
@ Amit
Every person has a bit of philosopher in him/her and have his/her own a way of philosophy of life to define, look and explore the experiences, feelings, and fundamentals!
I'm glad that you found one, which you very well expresed in this post which made all of us to ponder and define our own quote that we follow in our life.

One quote that I like to beleive in is "Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back."

Indeed, very nice Post! Enjoyed every line of it!

Keep the Spark alive..
Vishnu said…
for a minute, i thought i stumbled upon my control systems lecturer's blog.. now i wish tht u shd hav been ma lecturer.. now i get tht complex non linear system with a feedback.. n to interpret poles and zeroes as happiness and sorrows was a masterpiece.. being an electronics engg student, loved it.. anti matter exists??
again.. dreams are interpolated curves of life..
n the last para is also good..
i think i fell for love at first sight.. on this post..
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
So true... :)
"Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back."
really loved this quote... :)
I really liked this line "which made all of us to ponder and define our own quote that we follow in our life. " so profound and deep...
keep visiting :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Vishnu..
Thanks a lot...
Glad that u liked it... :)
Keep visiting :)
Roshmi Sinha said…
Thats a wonderful read!

Yes! Life is beautiful. We should live our lives to the fullest and count our blessings! :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot Roshmi.. :)
Anonymous said…
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Srivats said…
So beautiful! very well writtern

/Life is so beautiful that even death loves it so much//

guess its paulo , but even Mitch albom has mentioned it in his books ;)

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