Life Is Beautiful

In the stillness of my heart
A voice whispered into my ears
Warmth flowed through my veins
I felt a confluence of sense
A rhythm, a desire to dance
A wish to lose myself
In this beautiful lawns
I felt an unquenchable need
To store the breeziness, the warmth
From the cold air, inside the heart
I jumped from my body
All of sudden, I was in the sky
Flapping my large white wings of liberty
Seeing the real which was too invisible
Due to my ambition coloured spectacles
I saw people running with different lenses
Some seeing in months; some in many years
But none was seeing the present, which is so near
Chained, throughout life, with golden chains
Undying desire of money and fame
Neglecting the elixir of love and peace
They are running in passionate race
Covered themselves in different dress*
I cried and but none was going to hear
They had already put my body on pyre.

It seems paradoxical but Death teaches one to love our life. Well, about the poem is imagination of soul, coming out of body. Life is so beautiful; Love life.


Anonymous said…
very imaginative and nice poem..
really we realize the importance of life after losing it...
Jaunty anima said…
hmmm..really a nice one!!
Shruti said…
Again you captivated my mind with that beautiful poem!

btw, you are tagged!
Check my blog!

Keep smiling!
Anonymous said…
A wish to lose myself..
a beautiful expression indeed...
there is nothing else to say..
Happybirdie said…
Yaaa it does...I mean the idea of loosing sum1 dear one day makes me shiver...I just wish, "May God bless all".I hv lost my cousin when I was in eighth class..We were f same age,He was mre of a frnd than a bro,I miss him n those chess matchches..Dnt hv enough wrds to say..take care n keep writing.You are a wonderful writer.
"Some seeing in months; some in many years
But none was seeing the present, which is so near"
- so much true; I too more often think of breaking this shackles of materialistic needs off my life. I'm working on it too.

It's perfectly suiting my present mood Amit :)
Bharathi said…
I liked "Due to my ambition coloured spectacles". Even I used to use this phrase at many instances.

nice poem altogether.
Singh Amit said…
@ Rashmi..
Thanks a lot..
very true..
"really we realize the importance of life after losing it"

Singh Amit said…
@Jaunty Anima..

Thanks a lot..
glad that u liked it :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Shruti..
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it..

Again thanks for tagging me.. :)

Singh Amit said…
@ R S V

Thanks a lot... :)
It is just a poetic expression of being egoless... :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Happybirdie..

Thanks a lot... :)
U know, I have personally witnessed such situations..and in reality, my biasing towards all this things (philosophy and spirituality) is the outcome of this....
anyway, Life is really beautiful...Love life... :)

Singh Amit said…
@ Musings of a lonely traveler

Thanks a lot... :)
Really, often we become too much involved in gathering materialistic sources that we forget, for what we are gathering and hankering....

I really believe, a balanced approach of materialism and spiritualism is very much significant for a happy life....

Singh Amit said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Singh Amit said…
@ Bharathi..

Thanks a lot.. :)
I feel that our thoughts matches to a gr8 extent..

Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot...

Babli said…
You have written a very beautiful poem and I liked it so much that I cannot express you in words. I love to read each and every poem of yours as they are very touching and also you express it in a very interesting way.
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot..Babli.. :)
it's really ecouraging.. :)
raghvendra said…
very nice poem.. :)
- Sugar Cube - said…
Yeah loving life makes it more beautiful :)

Nice poem
Singh Amit said…
@ Raghvendra..
Thanks a lot.. :)
U r welcome to my blog..
Singh Amit said…
@ Sugar Cube

Thanks a lot.. :)

anushree said…
for putting it so beautifully 10/10 for this one....
cheers to lyf!
Singh Amit said…
@ Anushree

Thanks a lot.. :)
Extremely happy that u liked it.. :)

Cheers dear!!
workhard said…
Hey.. that is a nice poem.. and hey is that a real photograph or a computer generated one.. its a beautiful view..

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Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot... :)

This photograph is not is just taken from google Images.


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