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Lost Love

*It is a purely fictitious story.Any resemblance to it is purely coincidental. 

You never realize death until you realise love
I could not understand this quote until I met her. Yes! There is death because love gives you a new life. I too got a new life, a life full of love and full of wish to live till eternity. I remember when she first entered in class and I, sitting with my back bencher friends was looking so vigorously. I would not say that it was love in first sight but still it was something I never felt in my whole life.
Time passed. My heart got strong to convince me that I was in love with her. My eyes, who were so obsessed with her image were witness. My mind which always remained occupied with her thoughts was another witness. Realizing the sensitivity of my being and strong convincing facts provided by witnesses, I got the final verdict from my heart that I was in love.
“I am in love… But does she like me? Would she love me?”
These were questions that were pinching and tryin…

Life, Memories, Dreams; My Thoughts

I always feel that autobiographies are fictional as they are always written in the light of success or achievements. More often it is success in one’s life that prompts one to connect the previous dots of life and create a better picture with bright colours. Retrospection makes things brighter and colourful. However, it is always better to connect the dots of past to interpolate your future.
One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius. It is journey of life that moulds us. So what we are today is consequences of all the histories we have made till today. It is amazing to think that our history shapes us which in result shapes our future. Once history was future and one day future would be history too. Life can be simulated as a closed complex nonlinear system that propagates towards future with a feedback from the past.
In control system, there is concept of poles and zeroes. It says that if a system does not have poles and zeroes, system will be flat, barren and dull. In life, I thi…

Corruption Tree

One day, the great king of great territory announced,” from now onwards, drinking wine is strictly outlawed and if anyone was found drunk, would be directly hanged till death.” The sudden decision of king spread in every nook and corner of city like fire in the forest. People became restless as it was not easy to leave their lifelong addiction in one moment. A group of dignitaries were formed to present their case before the king.
The chief of the group said with a ton of humbleness,” O, Great king! You are mightier in the mightiest. Please let us give some time to leave this addiction. Otherwise half the people of city would be hanged.”
Meanwhile a villager who was standing near the group whispered to his neighbour, “How fool our chief is! Does he not know that king's decision would be valid for a single day? “
To the embarrassment, his neighbour replied in mocking tone,” if you were so intelligent, you would be chief. It is such a serious issue and you, fool, are beating about the…

Beauty ??

Have you ever felt what sets wings to your emotion as you suddenly exclaim,” What a beautiful thing this is!” For us anything can be beautiful, irrespective of person, place or emotion. Even a tragic movie ends, leaving tears into our eyes and our heart wells out saying it beautiful.
So, really, to define beauty is as difficult as to define ‘point’ in mathematics. However, I would say everything, beautiful which is the object of happiness. But remember, not the source of happiness. The difference of object and source must be understood to appreciate this definition. Let me explain it through example:
When we meet our loved one after a long-time, our eyes become full of tears. We cry...But we feel happiness...I would call it beauty....
But how am I able to witness this beauty? It is because I have already bore the pain of being away from her.
The source of happiness is the pain. But Pain itself is not the happiness.
May be for one person, the clamouring of birds is just noise and for other …

Beauty And Happiness

A Story By Kahlil Gibran:
In the deep sea, two oysters were talking to each other. First one said,” I have a very great pain within me. It is heavy and round and I am in distress.”
Second one replied with haughty satisfaction ,” God is so great, I am so happy. I am well and whole both within and without.”
At the moment, a crab, who was hearing the words of both, said to the one who was well and whole both within and without ,” yes, you are well and whole; but the pain that your neighbour bears is a pearl of exceeding beauty.”

Just Contemplate it. Would you like to interpolate a relation between happiness and beauty?

Fields bear the pain of being ploughed to grow beautiful plants.
A mother bears the pain to unleash the utmost beauty of creativity.
Sun burns itself to light the world.
Thorns grow before the roses bloom.
Even trees have to be naked before having beautiful leaves.

The beauty of one's deeds will certainly ovecome the pain of one's sorrows. Very few are so fortunate to do…

Feeling Of ‘I’.

Caution: Dear Readers! Please read if you really want to read my nonsensical (bakwaas) thoughts; otherwise please leave it and wait for another post.....

One of the most intriguing questions that make me to think is how I feel it’s my body. I can feel my legs, hands, eyes; in short, every parts of my body. I can think and even watch what I am thinking. One can witness oneself as a third person, standing in the corner of the room. From where, this feeling comes. Is it my mind or is it governed by my soul?
People, who believe in the existence of soul, no doubt, would say this feeling to be governed by soul. More or less, in every religion the concept of soul is accepted. Hinduism believes the soul as an immortal element that changes itself from old body to a new body; every living thing has a definite soul and the ultimate goal of soul is salvation.
“Living things”? How can one discriminate between living thing and non living things are itself a puzzling question? Some centuries ago, tre…

A Real Incident

On 16th, I was coming from Kanpur to Varanasi. I got in chaurachauri-express and was impatiently waiting for train to move. As the train moved I moved to the upper birth. I was somehow trying to counteract the clamoring and rustling of surrounding by soft music of my I-Pod. Everything was going well. I could hear the continuous chattering of two girls, political debate of some aged people and a heated discussion between some future doctors ( including my younger brother) and a policeman, on a very popular topic, 'Increasing immorality in younger generation'. As soon as, train reached Allahabad, a mob of thirty to forty guys, aged in between 20 to 30, got in the train like a storm. The atmosphere filled with slang and vulgar words. They started running from one end to other, inspecting every nook and corner of compartment to find a perfect place where they could able to do what they wanted. Unfortunately, just beside me, two of them got the suitable place as just in front of th…

3rd 55 Fiction;

He felt himself almost in heaven, when he saw those deep-expressive-soft eyes, watching  him with a delightful smile. She was looking so stunning and vivacious. A magnetic pull forced him to change his place beside her. To his surprise….. She was still watching the same place. …. . . . She was blind.

Message-Light up a life, Please Donate your Eyes.. :)

* A short-break from blogging world; See you soon :)

Love; In A New Paradigm

'Love' is one of the most popular words of English literature. But somehow, I feel the description of love is too irrational. I am calling it irrational because I never find rational background where it's exact meaning can be conveyed. I am not only one who is calling it irrational; our mystics, Sufis and sages also have been decorating it with 'irrational', 'no-mind', 'timeless' and other similar adjectives for centuries. Our poems, songs, sayaris have alienated the sense of love on such a virtual ground that it seems impossible to relate it to our life in a rational way.
Well, after reading some articles, I come to conclusion that 'Love' has a rational background. Love is to be valued because it enhances all the pleasures of life like music, beauty of mountains, sunrise and sunset. It can be experienced and can be felt in a very pragmatic way. And if someone has not felt it, he has missed to realize the absolute pleasure which could be real…

Lifeless Life

Yesterday, as my housemaid was explaining to my mom how she lost her nose rings, for a moment I started listening to her. She was saying that his husband slapped her so hard that it got lost in the room. And shocking thing was that her expression was showing her concern, only for nose ring. Being slapped seems like her fate or a routine of her life. To my surprise, she is the only earning member of her family, somehow caring her three small children and alcoholic husband. Well this is one particular incident but in general, such incidents are happening in more devastating form in every nook and corner of India.

What I think, there may be three reasons that has constrained such woman to live this lifeless life. 1.)Fear of self; fear of being alone in this inhuman world. 2.)Fear of her children’s future. 3.)Choked with dogmatic thinking of accepting his pati as Parmeshwar Well, 3rd reason seems me quite absurd and if there is any exception, this will be just an adoption to defend her; to be…

Life Is Beautiful

In the stillness of my heart A voice whispered into my ears Warmth flowed through my veins I felt a confluence of sense A rhythm, a desire to dance A wish to lose myself In this beautiful lawns I felt an unquenchable need To store the breeziness, the warmth From the cold air, inside the heart I jumped from my body All of sudden, I was in the sky Flapping my large white wings of liberty Seeing the real which was too invisible Due to my ambition coloured spectacles I saw people running with different lenses Some seeing in months; some in many years But none was seeing the present, which is so near Chained, throughout life, with golden chains Undying desire of money and fame Neglecting the elixir of love and peace They are running in passionate race Covered themselves in different dress* I cried and but none was going to hear They had already put my body on pyre.
It seems paradoxical but Death teaches one to love our life. Well, about the poem is imagination of soul, coming out of body. Life is so beautif…