Sunday, August 30, 2009

Purpose In/Of Life?

In the deepest core of our unhappiness
In the longest journey of restlessness
In the stern decision of penance
Do                 you               feel?
We have a purpose to deal
This lies inside us, so deepen but so vague
We observe facts, make opinion and taboo
We distinct between deep and shallow
Our purpose lights the path, which we follow
In meeting our purpose, we break chains
Wear new ones; build homes, leaving old dens
Search mystery, leaving behind inspiring history
Narrowing the gap of virtual and reality
Whenever in my conscience, I see
The question really haunts me
Do we drive ourselves for purpose
Or it is the purpose, which drive us?

*Dear Readers! It is somewhat philosophical and abstract. Please feel free to comment, criticize and raise questions.

Friday, August 28, 2009

An Extraordinary Mind

Recently, I watched a documentary and it really took my breaths away. I have read about the people with more abilities of mind, like Einstein; like Stephen Hawking, but what I come across was totally different, it was about a man who feels emotion in numbers; calculate complex multiplication and division, spontaneously; learn any language in just 1 week; remember the value of pi to 20,000 digits.  His name is Daniel Paul and he is a British citizen.

Well, one can raise question over his ability as useful as a calculator, but important thing is that it has opened a new stream of research, the interaction of number and image.  Scientifically, the part of brain which deals with number and which deals with images are different.  After a series of experiment done on Daniel, It was revealed that for every number he creates a unique image in his mind. If he is given a multiplication of two numbers, the interaction of these two creates third image, and important thing is that it happens spontaneously.
Infinite number; infinite images, does it not bother you how he remembers and recognizes these image and decodes into numbers?  For every number 1 to 9, he feel different emotions. Numbers are well tuned with his emotions and in this way he answers any multiplication and division spontaneously.

Daniel is not alone in his extraordinary abilities. There is also a man who is living encyclopaedia, who can read any page and memorize too in 30 seconds which a normal man can hardly read in 3 minutes. There is also a boy who can paint anything with complete precision with amazing speed.

The most notable thing with Daniel is that he is not handicapped or weird as other two people as he can tell what is happening in his mind, and in the way useful for lighting hidden secrets of marvellous mind.

It is fact of amazement for scientist that, at a narrow line separating ability and disability how these extraordinary abilities take shape. Of course, life is marvellous mystery and we, with our marvellous mind want to dig the hidden secrets.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ancient Wisdom

One cannot deny the significance of apocryphal stories, ancient paintings and sculptures in philosophical and scientific investigation. Our scriptures, our ancient arts (Khajuraho and Alora caves) has a lot more hidden knowledge, which independent comprehension can open deep secrets of wisdom and intelligence. In “YogSastra”, how beautifully Patanjali has described whole physiology of human body with astrology (Sun and Moon). However, explanations of many of his Sutras are available, but yet complete and precise description is unavailable.

Someone has very beautifully said,” Sutras are like seeds. One needs to sow them in the fertile soil. And then this seeds sprouts into flowers”

Lord Siva is deeply related to Tantra philosophy. His deity is representation of harmony of male and female, yin and yang. A divine representation of sexuality, deciphering that sex is not limited to physical level, but also beyond a physical level there is subtle fusion of Siva and Shakti engery, resulting a united energy field. Tantra believes that sex is not for procreation and pleasure, but also for liberation.
Ardnarishwar”, half male ad half female, has also a profound meaning, regarding the human psychology. Every man is consciously man, unconsciously woman and every woman is consciously woman, unconsciously man. When I say man and woman, it also corresponds to intellect and intuition, more scientifically left brain and right brain. As all of us know, our left brain is logical; it calculates; it does analysis. Our right brain is intuitive; it enjoys poetry; it loves paintings. If you are only well in left brain, you will be logical, you will be curious but your life will be dull, without fragrance. If only your right brain is active, you can have a much contended life but you cannot help others; you will not be able to communicate.

It has been said,” Right brain is like a blind man. Left is like a cripple man. If there is fire in the forest, both have to help each other to escape.”

Whatever you see outside is just reflection of inside. Male and female are complementary to each other. Inside you, there is male and female also. One, who finds it, need not have to hanker outside.
In a deeper  sense, man and woman are not equal. They are different, in their unique way. No one is inferior, no one is superior.

                                                                       A joke, I read somewhere… (It has nothing do with above post)

Two children, of six years were visiting an abstract painting exhibition. Suddenly, one of them whispered,” Run! Before they say that we have done it.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Interview

“You have studied till 12th from a village and with Hindi medium”, the most elderly man in the group of six interviewers asked me. I could not understand whether this thing would have positive or negative effect in my selection, I nodded, “yes! Sir”

“Ok, then if you are not comfortable in English, we can ask questions in Hindi.”

I humbly said,” No sir! I am comfortable in English. Even sir, I have qualified JEE in English language.”

“Don’t be afraid, we are not here to check your communication in English. DRDO is a research organisation; we hire people of good knowledge and analytical skills.”

I made no response and continued my answers in English.

I had already one dream job (Maruti-Suzuki) in my hand so as per placement rules I was not allowed to appear in interview of DRDO. However, on the day of interview, everyone(eligible one as their rules) was allowed to appear. Mentally I was not ready. Yet, I left my class test and within 15 minutes I was in training and placement office, with my resume and certificates. I was third person to appear in interview. I was really horrified to see my mates giving interview for more than 1 hour. And the worst thing was that HOD of electrical was also one of the members of interviewers. No doubt, Selection was the issue but feeling ashamed before HOD was really humiliating.
My interview also lost for more than 1 hour. But I could not feel until I saw my watch. Let leave the questions, they asked as I do not want to bore you.  I was satisfied by my interview, though not fully confident as they made questions from my every answer until I surrendered. But I felt that the most elderly man (probably,he was scientist from BARC), was impressed.

Finally after 2 months, they declared result and I was fortunate one.  J

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freedom Of Expression Vs Politics

Well, Politics was a bad word for me, in my earlier days. I do think that it was just a prejudice which was deeply bedded  into me while I witnessed first election in my village for Panchayat. Money, liquor, slogans, guns were the indistinguishable element of politics. The man, who had guns; who had power; who had money and obviously apparatchik people, won the election. So the image of contestants in election had overridden the word ‘politics’ for me. Slowly, as I grew younger, I realized that politics is an integral part of a country that sustains the development for country; makes rules and responsible for its implementation for the welfare of the people.

Jashwant Singh's book has created a storm in the political plot of BJP. I wonder how a book can lead a man to the end of his three decades political persona, in a county like India where freedom of expression is well illustrated in constitution. This Talibanised act is really shameful. It is attack on free expression and threat for anyone who wants to express his thoughts freely.

How can we forget that India is different from Pakistan where books of history are not manipulated for fulfilment of their selfish motives?

I have no deep knowledge of partition, nether about Jinnah but I believe that one cannot clap by a single hand.

Just think!why does Jaswant singh want to praise Jinnah and want to make Patel more responsible for partition?
Does he want to end his political career and want to be a notorious author? (When he was completely aware  what happened to Adwani after saying Jinnah, a secular one.)

I don’t think so.

No doubt, Jaswant Singh is an intellectual being. Before writing his book, he has devoted many years to collect facts and to analyse them. And when he wants to share his analysis and his view, some few brainless pigmies are wailing as he has done a most dreaded crime in the history of India. His books are being banned. I think, these types of things will discourage the people to think and express freely.

Politician never wants to make people intelligent as they feel, Knowledge is dangerous for their existence. I give my unconditioned support to Jaswant Singh and feel pity on top leaders of BJP for their pathetic decision.
Jai Hind J
 * All the pictures are taken by the courtesy of google image.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Change With Change

Recently I have read an interesting fact, which clearly illustrates the pain and suffering endured by people due to their dogmatic and irrational thinking.
According to it, in the time of George3, It was believed that people suffers because devil resides in their body. More the people will be in pain; more pain will be transferred to devil. So they made a conclusion that if suffering man was made to have a very severe and unbearable pain, devil would leave his body forever. It was implemented not only on citizen but also on the King itself without any success. I hope, today, this type of cure can be adopted for enemy only.

Society changes with change in our thinking; with a change in our belief. Change is always painful. Whoever first opens his mouth, many hands try to close it. One has to endure humility, pain and even condemnation to death to bring out the change. When Galileo said that it is not the sun that moves around the sun, but earth moves around the sun, people get agitated as it was contradiction to the statement written in Holy Bible. He was summoned to court and threatened to withdraw his statement. And today everyone knows who is true? Buddha, Mahavira, Socrates, Christ and many more who sacrifices their life for the sake of change; for the sake of welfare of people. In recent time, I cannot forget to mention the name of Nobel Prize winner Bertrand Russell, a mathematician as well as philosopher, whose books on religion and his advocacy on sex education brought such storm that he had to leave the professorship. He was called beast, dog and many more. It happened in around 1920-40 in England. But today’s people of England realize the significance of his book which once known as books of immorality and obscenity.

Likewise, India has evolved too. Sati- Pratha has completely abolished. Child marriages are at the verge of ending. You would be surprised to know that two of my friends (I will not mention their name) in my Batch (electrical engg. IT-BHU) were married in their childhood. It was shocking for me. But old traditions are so deeply seated in people minds that to change it, is a herculean task. Even today if a boy and girl talk to each other, in many parts of our country, it is understood as indecency. Without questioning ‘why’ they make a concept (axiom will be more suitable word) that this is an obscene. In villages, even today the characteristic projected by’ Manusmiriti’ is followed for females. Marriage, in same caste is one of the most essential laws in society. Daily, in newspaper we read that villagers killed the girl and boy as they are going to wed despite being different caste. Even now, In spite of the fact they have fallen into love and are perfect for each other, very few people dare to accept this due to prevailing orthodox thought of society. I believe inter caste marriage are one of the great way to eliminate casticism.

India is changing. Yes! It is good sign of a happy nation. But there are still some brainless minds that obstruct the flow of change. Some of them are camouflaged in religious cover and some in political. As it is said,”Change with Change for survival”.  Scientist are opening deeper secrets of our psychology; our physiology and today in the light of it we are changing our system (like education); destroying taboos (accepting homosexuals, inter cast marriages); advocating clandestine matters (like sexuality). A thoughtful and courageous mind can revolt for change. And Change is law of nature.

Jai Hind 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life Is In Moments

Death!  I saw my death
This came to took me from my friends and relatives
This came to ruin my desires and inspirations
This came to spoil my dreams, my lovely sensations
I bowed and prayed, my good life is going to start
Entire past was spent to reach this part
If I will die today, it will be unfair
You are God, you cannot snatch my share
I tried to run away many miles
God gave me a mysterious smile
He said,” Oh! My dear
Life is in moments, not in years.
And at the next moment
I was watching my body, dead and bent.
Suddenly, alarm clock rang with a deep shriek
I woke up from my shallow sleep.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My First 55 Fiction

I have been inspired by Shruti and IP to write a 55 fiction. This is my first attempt. Hope, you would like it.
A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

  1. Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
  2. A setting,
  3. One or more characters,
  4. Some conflict, and
  5. A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)
  6. The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still can’t exceed seven words.

Her legs are moving fast.
She is breathing heavily.
Her whole body is perspiring.
She is roaring.
But her eyes are focused.
She is determined.
She is fighting with the society
Society, which is humiliating her; laughing at her
She no longer wants to hear the word ‘Fatty’.

Friday, August 21, 2009

8 Marvels!! A Way to Introspect

I have been once again tagged by my Blogger freind 'Shruti. It's really a cool tag  as it give a chance to introspect myself.
1.)     Movies on World movies
2.)    Tom and Jerry
3.)    Iss Jungle Se MuJhe Bachao
4.)   Bindaas Dadagiri
5.)    Sach Ka Saamna
6.)    News
7.)    Comedy serials
8.)    Animal Planet

1.)     VT (Viswanath Temple) in BHU
2.)    Limbdi Corner
3.)    Crystal ball restaurant
4.)   Ming Restaurant ( Chinese only) 
5.)    Bindaas restaurant
6.)    Aahar-Vihar
7.)    Kerala Cafe
8.)    MacDonald’s

1.)     I got up at 9:30, bored by series of self guided dreams.
2.)    Took a cup of coffee with less sugar.
3.)    Took a bath, did Pranayam (I have learned in ART OF LIVING).
4.)   Switch on the laptop; Browse Google news, Orkut, Gmail and my blog.
5.)    After taking breakfast, slept for two hours.
6.)    In evening went to the roof of my room with my IPod and watched the people coming and going on the road.
7.)    Took a book from my small library and tried to read ‘Theory Of everything’.
8.)    Switched on the Laptop, sat beside TV till 12:30 in night.

1.)     My Joining in DRDO, Pune (in Novem.)
2.)     My elder sister’s marriage.
3.)    To meet some new friends in DRDO.
4.)   To visit my native place.
5.)    To meet my school friends; my friends in village.
6.)    To do some good research in defence for our country.
7.)    To do some sort of social service.
8.)    To be an active blogger.

1.)     Long sleepy nights
2.)    A hot cup of coffee and spicy potato fries.
3.)    Playing badminton as a warm up
4.)   Water Saving (just joking, I regularly take bath)
5.)    A heated discussion to my friends
6.)    Watching a horror movie on computer with friends in common room
7.)    Driving my Activa with my friend  
8.)    Bunking my first classes at every morning, requesting someone for proxy.

1.)     Serving the country as a defence scientist throughout my life (Hope! Money will not change my mind to go abroad)
2.)    I want to have a big library of my own.
3.)    Social Service
4.)   Wish to travel with my parents all over India
5.)    Car! Just a Honda City will satisfy me.
6.)    Want to write a book.
7.)    Wish an intelligent and graceful wife.
                                                     8. )    Always wish some time for myself.

1.)    Hollywood movies
2.)  Computers
3.)   Mobiles
4.)  Blogging
5.)  Sketching
6.)  Music
7.)   Yoga and Meditation
8.)  Travelling


1.)    Nice
2.)  It’s ok
3.)   Yaa
4.)  Well
5.)  It’s  not fair
6.)  What the hell are you doing
7.)   Idiot
8.)  Hello (often on mobile)

1.)    Life is a journey, not a destination.
2.)  For happy life, keep your desires mild.
3.)   First love and respect yourself, then you will do others.
4.)  Never take life very serious.
5.)  We quarrel, we cry but nothing is as supportive as family.
6.)  Find out the difference in love and infatuation before proposing.
7.)   Do not ever pretend to show what you are not.
8.)  Accept and take responsibility of your mistakes, never feel guilty.

1.)     Kanyakumari
2.)    Barcelona
3.)    Venice
4.)   Switzerland
5.)    Paris
6.)    Shimla
7.)    Kerala
8.)    Andaman Nicobar

1.)    Want to complete my book ‘Gitanjali’
2.)  Want to watch an entertaining film.
3.)   Want to meet my brother in his Medical College.
4.)  Want to write more posts on my blog.
5.)  Want to play cricket
6.)  Want to play Counter-Strike on LAN.
7.)   Want to read more blogs
8.)  Want to buy a book ‘The Importance Of Living’
Thanks to me, I got 8 things J

Dear reader! Please grab the tag and complete as soon as possible. It really provides you a chance to witness yourself and to set your goals and priorities.