An Uncivilized Parrot

Here is a humorous story I heard somewhere

Once Mulla Nasurideen’s wife went to the market where she saw a beautiful parrot in a shop. She went to the shop-owner and wished to buy the parrot.
Shop-owner said,” Madam! This parrot is much uncivilized and abusive as it has just brought from a brothel. So, I will warn you before you buy.”
His wife replied confidently,” Sir! It cannot be more uncivilized than my husband. If I can look up him, this parrot is not a big deal.”
As his wife arrived with parrot at her home, the parrot said,” New mistress, new home.”
Soon as his children arrived, the parrot said,” New mistress, new home, new children.”
In evening, Nasurideen arrived with a weary and pale face.
As soon as, he entered into home, the parrot said,” New mistress, new home, new children but the same old customer.”

*Have you not laughed, just read it again.


Yayaver said…
Mood halkaakar diya. Behtareen ttha bhai, aisa tota kise ki biwi na khareede :) for more jokes, read
Indian Pundit said…
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BK Chowla said…
That is why they say ,"never get caught with your pants down"
Indian Pundit said…

Great one.

Shruti said…
Hi Amit..
Hilarious post!
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Durga Nandan said…
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Durga Nandan said…
Hehe.. :) Made me smlie.. Good one there. ;)

Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks to all of you..:)

glad that u liked it...:)

Raashi said…
Superb post :D :D :D
Shankar said…
ha..ha..very hilarious and humorous one amith...... good one....
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@Raashi, Shankar..

Thank you very much... :)
Anonymous said…
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