Eve teasing ...

Eve teasing, exploitation and abuse, a girl will be definitely an exception if she has not witnessed these disastrous incidents once, in her whole life. I have just read about such a shocking incident, happened to a girl from a blog. What triggers a man to do such heinous and shocking evil?  Is it our culture; is it our morality for which we are boasting from centuries? Where is the fundamental fault that is distorting their soul into such a sick and sullied soul?

Let me tell you a story first...

Once, Sigmund Freud was holidaying with his wife and 8 year child in a beautiful park. While they were returning, Freud and his wife got shocked when they did not find his child with them. Freud asked his wife at once,” Did you forbid the child to go any place in the park?” His wife could not understand what an absurd question, he was asking. But with puzzling mind, he replied that she prohibited him not to go near fountain. Soon Freud and his wife approached to the fountain, they found their child standing nearby the fountain.
What does this story teach...?

Denial creates attraction. A child rarely accepts the ban imposed, if he do then it is just superficially, but not psychologically. As we grow, this denial becomes habitual and psychologically, we are caught up in the grave danger of duality.

Denial of natural impulses is suppression. The slight deviation from the denied mentality creates the sense of guilt. Suppression and sense of guilt make a man, mentally weaker. The lack of option to satisfy the desire, arising due to physiology of human body, leads one to commit crimes. A psychological freedom is necessary, but freedom without knowledge in these regard is not adequate. What do you feel, who has more probability to commit crimes, a suppressed, non-intellectual, frustrated, dejected and depressed man or a psychologically free, intellectual, happy man. An artistic man transforms his suppression into his artistic expression. So somehow I feel that art is effective to release the natural impulses.

Denial is still prevailing in the society. I was amazed to know that in this era also there are engineering colleges (Satybhama University) who puts a curtain between boys and girls while giving lectures to them. Do you think it can stop the eve teasing? I think it will stimulate its breeding.
Love, companionship and knowledge can only eliminate the roots of such evil. Fear and prohibition are temporary solution. I am not saying that eve teaser should not be punished and should start providing them love and companionship instead of sending them to jail. What I want to say with the temporary solution of fear, we should sow the seeds of love and knowledge in the minds of youth so that the root of evil can be cut down.

As Bertrand Russell explains,
Healthy, outward-looking men and women are not to be produced by the thwarting the natural impulses, but by the equal and balanced development of all the impulses essential to happy life.”




IndianPundit said…
Great Post.

Absolutely right in your assessment.

India has the world's largest population of frustrated "virgins".

Also some of our social rules are UN-NATURAL.

For example a man's sexuality REACHES PEAK in between 18 to 25......but any such activity is still a strict "no-no" in our society.

More liberal culture will REDUCE these shameful incidences.

Cheers and check out my FIRST 55 WORD FICTION!!!!
IndianPundit said…
Wow what a co-incidence yaar.

i was reading your post and commenting.

You were doing the same in mine......AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Aswani said…
Dropping by the very first time. Excellent post. I learned a lot. Hope others too can.
BK Chowla said…
Very well expressed
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot...and really i am also amazed by the coincidence... :)
I am in favour of morality but not the fierce morality as so called 'Dharm Saviours' are following. Fierce morality is just a reaction to lustful emotion without understanding it cleary and completely.
Yaa.. Indeed a more liberal society is required but not on the cost some important values. One have to find a construtive way to release the frustration. One needs to transform it into creative expression. I think there is something like meditation, love, reverence self-realization that has a tranforming effect...
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thank you ver much
U r welcome to my blog..
keep visiting...:)
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@Chowla Ji
thanks a lot..:)
@ Amit : Well the post is nicely written n the sigmund story made it more interesting ... bt as Mr. indianpundit said ... jus because our country has frustrated virgins ... doesnt mean the will go n rape a girl ... btw!!!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
well, u r true...
just like food, there is a law, there is manner and there is concern of health. Law is that we can not
eat more than our share, manner is a way that gives an aesthetic sense and not make us ill.
Same thing applies in this case also.
Our frustration should be transformed, should be channeled in a construtive way. It can be possible in the ambiance of love, companionship
and freedom.
Shruti said…
it was a real more practical and sensitive issue and you have done a complete justice to this!!
see my blog!
u have been tagged twice by me!!!
expecting that u finish off this tag soon!!!

Shankar said…
hey nice post...

Yes indeed eve teasing and abusal should be given some severe punishment or our law should be more strict about these issues... I have been in delhi for a week and when I travelled in metro I found many men touching and doing unwanted to many girls and womens...

If u see my blog..I would have written some topics against women... But still that does not me I hate women and I have a grudge against them.

But it is very sad to see women undergoing these tortures.

you are perfectly right about satyabama university..It will stimulate further...

But we all are concerned about the issue...But still a proper solution dont exist....

These thigs can change only if corrupt mind of certain peoples change...
Shruti said…
i've tagged you for my ABC tag too!!
do that also....
SO 2 POSTS 4 U!!
>>My S tag...amit...so for u 'A' Tag!!!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot shruti..:)
I liked that u tagged me
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks Shankar..:)
You are right that it is very sensitive issue..
and it needs to be solved..But any immediate practical solution is very difficult to find..
do visit again...
Yayaver said…
Denial of natural impulses is suppression and creates attraction..pretty correct.But how to foster correct environment is hard debated topic. its like walking on edge of sword and both extreme liberals and ultra conservatives forcing you to follow their path. And eve teasing, its cheap and You would have seen many of our much 'elite college educated' friends falling for it without thinking second about its affect on opposite sex. Amit,yaa our great cultural system secludes girls and boys as they are aliens and suddenly with arrange marriage makes them couple made for each other in heavean..
Durga Nandan said…
Freud's generalization does not work on killing someone. Now come on, we are forbidden from killing ppl as well. No one walks around killing ppl unless he or she is a psychopath.

I am not sure what to blame it on though.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
U r true that fostering right enviroment is very crucial. Our morality and immorality both are at the extreme ends. Immoralist should have to be less immoral and moralist should have to be less moral to reach a optimum point from where right environment can be fostered.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@Durga Nandan
U r true..
But killing is not natural impulse.
infatuation towards opposite sex comes into this category which is natural, spontaneous and arises due to physiology of human body....
Freud's generalization holds the suppression of natural impulses...:)
Anonymous said…
This has been on my mind for some time..... and I agree with you to some degree.
Anonymous said…

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