Purpose In/Of Life?

In the deepest core of our unhappiness
In the longest journey of restlessness
In the stern decision of penance
Do                 you               feel?
We have a purpose to deal
This lies inside us, so deepen but so vague
We observe facts, make opinion and taboo
We distinct between deep and shallow
Our purpose lights the path, which we follow
In meeting our purpose, we break chains
Wear new ones; build homes, leaving old dens
Search mystery, leaving behind inspiring history
Narrowing the gap of virtual and reality
Whenever in my conscience, I see
The question really haunts me
Do we drive ourselves for purpose
Or it is the purpose, which drive us?

*Dear Readers! It is somewhat philosophical and abstract. Please feel free to comment, criticize and raise questions.


Sat_hi_sh said…
philosophical or not,i loved it man :)
i think i will call it a factful poem :)
Durga Nandan said…
Enormous thought,
nicely writ,
bemuse self,
and amuse rest.

Life is great,
and a knowledge shelf.
Find meanings,
of other things.
But never try that,
the same with life.

Deep is it
seemingly a shallow pit..
But deep down there,
you get too lost.

Cheerz! :)
Indian Pundit said…
"Do we drive ourselves for purpose
Or it is the purpose, which drive us?"

It is purpose that drives us i guess.......ummmmm....not sure.

Anyways its an amazing poem.
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Sathish.. :)

Thanks a lot..
Glad that u find it factful...

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Durga Nandan..

Thanks a lot.. :)
I really loved ur comment.. which is so poetic and made me to use my grey cells...

Indeed " why are we here?" is such a complex question that leave us in recurring answers...:)

A perfect comment for poem... :)

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ IP
Thank u very much.. :)

Well, I think...If everything in life is determined..and if our choice which we made is just an illusion....that simply means that throughout our life..our purpose drives us.....
A purpose, bestowed upon us by Supreme being for every one..

cheers !!
me said…

Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
I love abstract writings. Good work :)

Anonymous said…
"Do we drive ourselves for purpose
Or it is the purpose, which drive us?"

I think its both ways true:
I live because I want to live and I want to live because I live!!

Its like a circle you know..
I hope you got my idea..

btw a truely remarkable piece of poetry!
Babli said…
I appreciate for your beautiful poem. I liked it very much. Absolutely marvellous. Each and every line of the poem is full of meaning. Keep it up!
Bharathi said…
Excellent poem. I enjoyed every bit of it. I too have the same question (why are we here?) haunting me for years. I havnt got a concrete answers yet but my answers keep changing :-)
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ R S

Thanks a lot.. :)

A new paradigm of thinking... :)

I live because I want to live...is this not depicting that living is your choice... ?
I want to live because I live....Is this not depicting that you are destined to live... ?

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Babli..
Thanks a lot... :)
Glad that u liked it...

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Bharathi...

Thanks a lot... :)
When i was writing this poem, I was bit confused whether I will be able to convey my message to u...
Very Glad that u liked it...

- Sugar Cube - said…
Interesting subject to write a poem on..& that too so well!

Good one!
Anonymous said…
hey, very nicely written...
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@Sugar cube

thanks a lot..:)


thanks a lot..
Shruti said…
Why are we here?!
Yes i too ask the same question!!
How come you think so differently and write amit!
Very nice!!

btw,Check out my recent post re :)
Alice said…
hey. dis one's gr8. really. spcly da last 2 lines. cheers. :)
Shas said…
The last two lines of your poem is a mystery. Many have spent their entire life trying to unravel this mystery.
Singh Amit said…
@ Shruti, Alice, Shas

thanks a lot for your lovely comment....


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