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8 Marvels!! A Way to Introspect

I have been once again tagged by my Blogger freind 'Shruti. It's really a cool tag  as it give a chance to introspect myself.
1.)     Movies on World movies
2.)    Tom and Jerry
3.)    Iss Jungle Se MuJhe Bachao
4.)   Bindaas Dadagiri
5.)    Sach Ka Saamna
6.)    News
7.)    Comedy serials
8.)    Animal Planet

1.)     VT (Viswanath Temple) in BHU
2.)    Limbdi Corner
3.)    Crystal ball restaurant
4.)   Ming Restaurant ( Chinese only) 
5.)    Bindaas restaurant
6.)    Aahar-Vihar
7.)    Kerala Cafe
8.)    MacDonald’s

1.)     I got up at 9:30, bored by series of self guided dreams.
2.)    Took a cup of coffee with less sugar.
3.)    Took a bath, did Pranayam (I have learned in ART OF LIVING).
4.)   Switch on the laptop; Browse Google news, Orkut, Gmail and my blog.
5.)    After taking breakfast, slept for two hours.
6.)    In evening went to the roof of my room with my IPod and watched the people coming and going on the road.
7.)    Took a book from my small library and tried to read ‘Theory Of everything’.
8.)    Switched on the Laptop, sat beside TV till 12:30 in night.

1.)     My Joining in DRDO, Pune (in Novem.)
2.)     My elder sister’s marriage.
3.)    To meet some new friends in DRDO.
4.)   To visit my native place.
5.)    To meet my school friends; my friends in village.
6.)    To do some good research in defence for our country.
7.)    To do some sort of social service.
8.)    To be an active blogger.

1.)     Long sleepy nights
2.)    A hot cup of coffee and spicy potato fries.
3.)    Playing badminton as a warm up
4.)   Water Saving (just joking, I regularly take bath)
5.)    A heated discussion to my friends
6.)    Watching a horror movie on computer with friends in common room
7.)    Driving my Activa with my friend  
8.)    Bunking my first classes at every morning, requesting someone for proxy.

1.)     Serving the country as a defence scientist throughout my life (Hope! Money will not change my mind to go abroad)
2.)    I want to have a big library of my own.
3.)    Social Service
4.)   Wish to travel with my parents all over India
5.)    Car! Just a Honda City will satisfy me.
6.)    Want to write a book.
7.)    Wish an intelligent and graceful wife.
                                                     8. )    Always wish some time for myself.

1.)    Hollywood movies
2.)  Computers
3.)   Mobiles
4.)  Blogging
5.)  Sketching
6.)  Music
7.)   Yoga and Meditation
8.)  Travelling


1.)    Nice
2.)  It’s ok
3.)   Yaa
4.)  Well
5.)  It’s  not fair
6.)  What the hell are you doing
7.)   Idiot
8.)  Hello (often on mobile)

1.)    Life is a journey, not a destination.
2.)  For happy life, keep your desires mild.
3.)   First love and respect yourself, then you will do others.
4.)  Never take life very serious.
5.)  We quarrel, we cry but nothing is as supportive as family.
6.)  Find out the difference in love and infatuation before proposing.
7.)   Do not ever pretend to show what you are not.
8.)  Accept and take responsibility of your mistakes, never feel guilty.

1.)     Kanyakumari
2.)    Barcelona
3.)    Venice
4.)   Switzerland
5.)    Paris
6.)    Shimla
7.)    Kerala
8.)    Andaman Nicobar

1.)    Want to complete my book ‘Gitanjali’
2.)  Want to watch an entertaining film.
3.)   Want to meet my brother in his Medical College.
4.)  Want to write more posts on my blog.
5.)  Want to play cricket
6.)  Want to play Counter-Strike on LAN.
7.)   Want to read more blogs
8.)  Want to buy a book ‘The Importance Of Living’
Thanks to me, I got 8 things J

Dear reader! Please grab the tag and complete as soon as possible. It really provides you a chance to witness yourself and to set your goals and priorities.


Shruti said…
hey amit,
nicely done yaar!
i gave you an opportunity to introspect yourself!!

surely will tag you again with a wonderful tag!

keep smiling!
Shruti said…
hey amit,
Check out my new 55Fiction and give me your feedback
Shankar said…
nice answers amith...way better than mine....

I dont know how you manage to watch movies in WM..I hate that channel..

i too like tom and jerry..even at this age...

McD..i love the place..but i wont eat anything there..

Do you have sugar problem???? why low sugar in coffee?

defence research..Great amith...

I too ask everyone for proxy....

hoonda civic would satisfy me..But my dream is a ferrari..

I think ur a good boy.. no bad words in list...

ur past learnings were great... favourite too...

cricket.... most of them are similar...amith..between u and me...
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Hi shankar, thanks for the comment...:)

There are some movies that i have really liked while watching world movies..they are quite rare...and it's gr8 to watch movies of different countries, like Iran, Italy, Dutch movies...

No I am not diabetic, I like less sugar...

Barcelona.. very beautiful place, my brother has visited this place...


Durga Nandan said…
Your Wish List,

1.) Serving the country as a defense scientist throughout my life < Good one. They pay great at higher levels.So, don't worry about money. :)

2.) I want to have a big library of my own.< Wow! Just wow! :) My wish too. :)

7.) Wish an intelligent and graceful wife.< Good luck with that. :)
8. ) Always wish some time for myself.< Yeah every one should. :)

The places you wanna visit list,

Kerala is a great place. :) You chose right.
I have plans for Venice and Swiss too. :) Cheerz! :)

4.) Want to write more posts on my blog.< Yes, we are listening! :) Keep writing! :)
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot Durga..:)

Yayaver said…
I should tag you for writing autobiography. All things assimilated at one place..
Madushika said…
Visited ur site. Good effect my friend. Thanks for ur visiting and comments on mine site. All the best. Have a nice day.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks ..:)
I love to write diary but there are many personal things which I do not want to make it public. I feel, the real significance of Autobiography lies when you do some inspirational deed in incompatible situation.

Amit414@IT-BHU said…

Thanks a lot.. :)

do visit again

Thank you very much for being my follower:)

Shilpa said…
hey you aslo did a nice tag.

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