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In Sanskrit, there is verse saying to consume with renunciation (tyag ke saath bhog karo). In today’s perspective, I would rather say, “Renounce if you want to consume. Camouflage yourself in such a way that you are able to renounce what others cannot; certainly you will get respect, money and a title ‘yogi’.

Someone starts eating only fruits and become Baba. Someone starts living naked. Someone never speaks. These people start doing everything which draws people attention and show how much renunciation, they are doing.   People are unhappy and frustrated. They seek for miracle but who is going to make a miracle, an ordinary married person who wears English pants and shirts. No, he cannot. People get attracted to renunciation, celibacy, difficult life and feel that this man has inner strength and he can do what I am seeking for. So actually, to be attracted towards renunciation is only a projection of our depression and frustration. And this can never solve our problem because the fundamental of this thing is standing upon the fact that the people who are consuming; who are enjoying are guilty, are sinners. Whatever seems natural, they say renounce it. It is no wonder they would say, stop breathing if one can be alive without air. 
I feel renunciation is an inward process, wells up from inside to outside. If one has no desire of money, fame; has no ego automatically a metamorphosis in his personality begins to occur. He starts becoming a real fakir, like Kabir. He finds the significance of world and stops chasing.
But now a days what is happening is very outward and can never reach to the core of life. They start decorating their life with all the senses of renunciation, like they increase their hairs and beards; accept celibacy; stops wearing good cloths and hope that this thing, this outward change is going to bring an inward transformation. But it never happens. Existence flows in its own way.
If one detach all the cloths and money this does not mean he will get rid of desires. Only if he will get rid of desires, he will able to detach cloths and money. So a real saint does not detach anything. The question of detachment only arises when there is attachment.


IndianPundit said…
Actually is there any need for renunciation????

i feel if we do our duties properly,sincerely and honestly then there is no need for "renunciation".
IndianPundit said…
lets focus on our duties.
After doing ur duties, u can definitely chase ur desires.....

Care must be taken so that our duties NEVER get trampled by our desires.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
no, there is nothing like renunciation in life.
But often so called sant and Baba misinterpret this word and start renunciating the world to acheive salvation.
Renunciation is more an effect rather than cause.
It is not done. Its happens. We see people like Kabir and sufis own nothing and think that they have renounce the world. but actually they have got everything so they have no need to these things.
Rohini said…
One need not leave all his luxuries and comforts and isolate himself.

Staying far from vices like hatred, greed, selfishness, and the like can always lead us into peaceful life.
It is not the serene atmosphere or the people, it all depends on how true we are with our conscience.

Unconditional Love and Forgiveness will surely help in the long ruin, just my views worth 2 cents!!

Nimmy said…
I think the concept of renunciation simply implies that what gives you temporary happiness is not for real. So do not pursue them. Instead pursue something that gives you real and permanent happiness - non-attachment. If you know how to be happy come what may, you are lucky. But if your soul yearns for something else as opposed to your routine life, then maybe you should listen to it....!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks Rohini..
you are true that it does not matter a lot how our environment is..but how our conscience is.
Be proactive, rather than reactive. Without renouncing anything ,one can be Buddha which is explained by Osho as ' Zorba The Buddha'
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks Nimmy
I feel the sense of acceptance is more significant
than the term renunciation. Acceptance with complete awareness leads one to the abode of permanant and real happiness. Once you get the feel of real and permanant happiness, many things for which we hanker today, do have no significance for us.So, acceptance is done, renunciation happens.
Durga Nandan said…
Now, I remember this story about Krishna,
Krishna was a vegetarian. And one day he goes to a home where they serve him non veg. And he happily eats it and gets satisfied.
Now, some of his companions on the way back, ask him, how he could have had it, when he had renounced non veg.
His reply was, "I never had non veg. I had food. And I didnt feel I was having meat when I had it."
That attitude and detachment make a difference if you ask me. :)
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
yaa.. you are true that attitude for something plays a major role in decifering what the term renunciation defines.
So appropriate story for this topic...
Thanks :)

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