PADHAKU JOKER: An initative taken by students of IT-BHU

Well, I am feeling elated that some of my juniors (3rd year in IT-BHU) have done something which we should be proud of. Their initiative in the field of education is appreciable. Normally, when a student passed his 10th board and 12th board, many big questions stand in front of them. In the dark shadow of these questions he is bemused to choose the path which can lead him to destination, as he wishes in his life. At that time, knowledge of the options available in the field of education can provide a better understanding of the choices that he can make, according to their interest, capabilities and stamina. The convergence of students to particular profession is utter lack of knowledge of other option. Students are focusing only in engineering, medical and managements. Why?  Somehow students are not aware about other options, like aviation industries, advertising, journalism, sports and tourism. The prejudice of particular profession (Ek anaar, Kai Bimaar) is creating competition, frustration and dissatisfaction.

A good interaction and counselling is very much essential to understand our interest and to know our capability. Often students are being misguided. They are choosing their profession by just imitating others. And then there is starting of unduly frustration and depression which finally lead them to unemployment. 

Money matters in life. And education is not an exception. There are many schemes like scholarship, loans which can help students to come out such economic crisis. Proper information of these schemes is very necessary. But unfortunately, inadequacy of such knowledge breaks the dream of millions of Indian students.

All this has been started in the form of web portal with an amiable name’ PADHAKU JOKER’. This site will not only tell students about the options available but also about the coaching centres and colleges according to their rank and performances. Motivation in form of ‘Guru Gyan’, education related current news in the form of ‘Mixed Basket’ is also available. There is much more. To know more, Visit 

I hope this site will brought some significant changes in education system and a happy smile in the ailing face of thousand of Indians.

JAI HIND.....:)
*And one thing ,ISRO has launched its much awaited desi Google earth ‘BHUVAN’. Visit the site


Indian Pundit said…
Hi Amit



Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot.

I am extremely happy..:)

pranav said…
Rightly is career that puts every student in great confusion and pressure at some stage... this site is going to help the student a lot..

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