A Story Of An Old Man

A heavy breath was rustling in the air. His legs were running as death was chasing him. As he arrived at the gate of hospital, he stopped suddenly but inertia has its own laws. He fell on the ground against the rocky steps. A stream of blood flew from his head and mingled to brown earth, created a shocking sensation to everyone present there. People ran but he was fainted. It was not tough to hold a body of seventy years and fifty kilogram.
People took him to the hospital. Incidentally, he was in same room where his wife was counting her last breaths. Six months before doctor had diagnosed that she was in the last stage of cancer and today doctor had predicted that it was her last day.
 Soon doctors revealed that old man had got a severe head injury and it was time to pack his all dealings.
But as the old man heard this news, a mild smile mixed with tranquillity and gratefulness coloured his face. Everyone was bemused. Accidently, old man had found his wish, completed.

* Dear reader! Tell me why old man was smiling?


it is jus weird bt teme if myreason is correct :
1. he will die before his wife or along with her on the same day.
Mon Espace said…
Agree with the above comment!
Yayaver said…
I feel that old man smiled because now he could also feel some pain of coming death and endure it with her wife.And to be with his beloved wife on her last day gives him a sense of sad bemusement.
Durga Nandan said…
The first thought that came to me was dying with his wife in the same room.
And I see the same written by others..
Is that the reason?
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Well, Most of the answer written above is factual. But I want to convey some emotional message to you through the story, “Love conquers the fear of Death.”
*An Old man of 70 years.
*No one of his relative was mentioned in the hospital.
*Old man accidently found his wish.
The significance of the life of Old man was to love and to care his wife. And now she was breathing her last breath, the meaning of his life was no more. Accidently, getting by his death he was grateful as he got the reason of his death.
Rohini said…
Amit I love to write and talk about LOVE. It is a very strong force and we need to experience the sincere love in our love.

I simply loved the post with in depth meaning.

Thanks for sharing.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot :)

glad that u liked it :)

waiting for ur new post..:)
Deepika Gupta said…
Answers are already here
Shankar said…
May be He would die with her dear wife.. so that they would stay together even after death.. nice one..such a short touching story...
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks Shankar ...:)

do visit again :)
Anonymous said…
Well, I was also initially thinking the same way as the first three commenters. But then I read you reply and explanation to the post.

A very good post... very creative :)
Amit414@ITBHU said…
Thanks a lot :)
glad that u liked it...


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