An Extraordinary Mind

Recently, I watched a documentary and it really took my breaths away. I have read about the people with more abilities of mind, like Einstein; like Stephen Hawking, but what I come across was totally different, it was about a man who feels emotion in numbers; calculate complex multiplication and division, spontaneously; learn any language in just 1 week; remember the value of pi to 20,000 digits.  His name is Daniel Paul and he is a British citizen.

Well, one can raise question over his ability as useful as a calculator, but important thing is that it has opened a new stream of research, the interaction of number and image.  Scientifically, the part of brain which deals with number and which deals with images are different.  After a series of experiment done on Daniel, It was revealed that for every number he creates a unique image in his mind. If he is given a multiplication of two numbers, the interaction of these two creates third image, and important thing is that it happens spontaneously.
Infinite number; infinite images, does it not bother you how he remembers and recognizes these image and decodes into numbers?  For every number 1 to 9, he feel different emotions. Numbers are well tuned with his emotions and in this way he answers any multiplication and division spontaneously.

Daniel is not alone in his extraordinary abilities. There is also a man who is living encyclopaedia, who can read any page and memorize too in 30 seconds which a normal man can hardly read in 3 minutes. There is also a boy who can paint anything with complete precision with amazing speed.

The most notable thing with Daniel is that he is not handicapped or weird as other two people as he can tell what is happening in his mind, and in the way useful for lighting hidden secrets of marvellous mind.

It is fact of amazement for scientist that, at a narrow line separating ability and disability how these extraordinary abilities take shape. Of course, life is marvellous mystery and we, with our marvellous mind want to dig the hidden secrets.


Sat_hi_sh said…
People often point them out as different but the fact is that they are not different bot unique individuals :)
glad u cud come up with this post Amit...

Durga Nandan said…
Humans use only 2% of their brain capacity. The rest, is in siesta.
Einstein used almost 10%
We are amazing beings. :)
Aint we!
- Sugar Cube - said…
Omg! I remember watching something similar on discovery channel & wanted to write it down as well.

There's another guy from Aus who can do mind boggling calculations within seconds ! Its amazing!
Then there's this woman from some western country who sees colors as soon as something is said.
On the same lines a man from Britain gets the 'taste' of different flavors/food once he hears someone's name!
And lastly I old blind man paints the object/scene that is placed before him.He claims to be using his senses & feelings to draw the same image!
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Sathish..
Thanks a lot.. :)
i agree that they are unqie fellows, but their uniqueness let them depart from society, which we term as a disability.

Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Durga Nandan

yes, A major of portion of our brain is in siesta.
Just imagine, using 2% of brain, we can do so many things..what will happen when we can use 100% of brain..

cheers dear!!!
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Sugar Cube..

It's really incredible to know about these people with such miracalous abilities. Well, Most of the person, who have these abilities, are shockingly handicapped; they are crazy in nature. They can not tell any one what is happening inside their mind. But Daniel is an exception as he can witness himself.

Shruti said…
hey amit,
best of all your posts!!
I was amazed by people like this! The way he corresponds numbers to images and eventual calculations results in answering them spontaneously!!
Three cheers to you for bringing up this post!!
Btw,Check out my recent post
Babli said…
Thanks for your lovely comment.
I liked your post very much and I felt it is one of your best presentation. Really amazing.
Bharathi said…
Nice post and you very well summarised it at the end.
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Shruti, Babli, Bharathi... :)

Thanks a lot to all of u. :)

Glad that u liked it :) :)

Indian Pundit said…
Wow....wonder of nature i guess.
Great post yaar.

Think about it.... if we can have UN-NATURALLY TALL men ......UN-NATURALLY OVERWEIGHT MEN....then it is very much possible to have un-naturally intelligent minds.

""It was revealed that for every number he creates a unique image in his mind.""

Now, thats very interesting....

Thanks for sharing this news.
Amit414@ITBHU said…
THanks a lot..IP..
Shas said…
Amazing minds!!
Anonymous said…
what I feel these people are some anomalies in the works of creator, but that's not the point...
the point is how much there is still to learn about our brain and its infinite capacities...

btw a very nice and well researched article...
do visit my page and share what you feel
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Shas :)
thanks for ur comment..
u r welcome to my blog..:)

@ Rahul

Thanks for drooping by..
do visit again

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