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Ancient Wisdom

One cannot deny the significance of apocryphal stories, ancient paintings and sculptures in philosophical and scientific investigation. Our scriptures, our ancient arts (Khajuraho and Alora caves) has a lot more hidden knowledge, which independent comprehension can open deep secrets of wisdom and intelligence. In “YogSastra”, how beautifully Patanjali has described whole physiology of human body with astrology (Sun and Moon). However, explanations of many of his Sutras are available, but yet complete and precise description is unavailable.

Someone has very beautifully said,” Sutras are like seeds. One needs to sow them in the fertile soil. And then this seeds sprouts into flowers”

Lord Siva is deeply related to Tantra philosophy. His deity is representation of harmony of male and female, yin and yang. A divine representation of sexuality, deciphering that sex is not limited to physical level, but also beyond a physical level there is subtle fusion of Siva and Shakti engery, resulting a united energy field. Tantra believes that sex is not for procreation and pleasure, but also for liberation.
Ardnarishwar”, half male ad half female, has also a profound meaning, regarding the human psychology. Every man is consciously man, unconsciously woman and every woman is consciously woman, unconsciously man. When I say man and woman, it also corresponds to intellect and intuition, more scientifically left brain and right brain. As all of us know, our left brain is logical; it calculates; it does analysis. Our right brain is intuitive; it enjoys poetry; it loves paintings. If you are only well in left brain, you will be logical, you will be curious but your life will be dull, without fragrance. If only your right brain is active, you can have a much contended life but you cannot help others; you will not be able to communicate.

It has been said,” Right brain is like a blind man. Left is like a cripple man. If there is fire in the forest, both have to help each other to escape.”

Whatever you see outside is just reflection of inside. Male and female are complementary to each other. Inside you, there is male and female also. One, who finds it, need not have to hanker outside.
In a deeper  sense, man and woman are not equal. They are different, in their unique way. No one is inferior, no one is superior.

                                                                       A joke, I read somewhere… (It has nothing do with above post)

Two children, of six years were visiting an abstract painting exhibition. Suddenly, one of them whispered,” Run! Before they say that we have done it.”


Shilpa said…
"No one is inferior, no one is superior." ==> Ya its right.

and by the way, cute joke.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanks for comment ..:)
u r welcome to my blog :)

Sat_hi_sh said…
a enlightening post Amit :)
you are putting ur views across very well
Bharathi said…
Nice post pal. I particularly liked your last para.
"Whatever you see outside is just reflection of inside. Male and female are complementary to each other. Inside you, there is male and female also. One, who finds it, need not have to hanker outside.
In a deeper sense, man and woman are not equal. They are different, in their unique way. No one is inferior, no one is superior."
I believe that is absolutely true.
ANd your joke is nice too.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…

thanks a lot... :)


thanks a lot :)
glad that u liked it :)
Suchismita said…
That is pretty deep. But yes, if everyone can figure out the truth that we are different and equal at the same time, life would be more even keel...
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks Suchismita :)

But do u not think, if everyone figures out truth,
there will be more sense of acceptance and
sustenance of their uniqueness and abilities,
and less conflicts for imitating each other.

BK Chowla said…
Right brain-left brain.
Excellent and very well expressed
Durga Nandan said…
Negative and positive coexist. Rightly said. :)
Btw, nice joke too. :)
Cheerz dear!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ Chowla Ji..
thanks for ur encouraging comment... :)
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ Durga Nandan.. :)

Thanks a lot :)

Glad that u liked it :) :)

Babli said…
Lovely post. Very beautifully expressed.
Amit414@ITBHU said…
@ Babli. :)

Thanks a lot... :)

Roshmi Sinha said…
A very good read, indeed! Wish more people understood and appreciated this... the way of nature, that is. Instead of petty squabbles... over superiority/inferiority.
Singh Amit said…
Thanks Roshmi :)
glad that u liked it..


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