Are We Really Free?

In the dazzling and flashing light
The chains, that has tied us
Is not visible, saying us free
These chains are social, religious and cultural
Chocking our ears, closing our eyes
We are persuaded with an imposing sigh
That we are free, but, are we free?
Are we not handcuffed by the superstitions, caste
Irrational beliefs and orthodox thoughts?
Are not we crippled by the terrorism
And raped by the corruption?
Have we not lost the stream of reason
In the lifeless barren desert of beliefs?
Are we not hinging our eyes to economical Index
Neglecting the poor, hungry, ailing face ?
Is this the freedom, our fighters fought for?
Is this the tree of democracy
That was irrigated by the blood of our martyrs?
It is easy to be free from visible, by an administration
But what about our thoughts, the thoughts
Which makes us fight for Mandir and Masjid?
Which make us dominate over other caste, other sex?
Are not they results of slavery for centuries?
We need revolution, an intellectual one!
Then only, we can say that we are living in free nation.


Happy Indi Day :)

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan hehe :)

Indian Pundit said…
Hi Amit

Great one.

i wrote an article on this topic.

You wrote a poem.


Change, will come to India

Yes We Can
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanks a lot..
Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan, Jia Vigyan..
Happy Independence day....
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ IP..

Thanks a lot.. :)

We shall overcome....

Deva84 said…
It's difficult to be free and get back your true identity after years of being "handcuffed". I'm Polish and for 123 years we didn't exist on map coz Russia, Germany and Austria took our lands, then was 1WW we got back our independence, after 2WW Russia ruled really my country although we had government. now you can all see it! east part of Poland is poor, west is more German... it's difficult to get back to what we had specially with strong corruption my country is facing and lack of ideas how make a change for better...

we need years... we need to wait.
now I don't live in Poland and I don't think I will ever come back.

bisous. deva.

p.s. thank you for stopping by and for leaving such a nice comment!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ Deva84
You are true..
It's really difficult to decondtioned the mind which is conditioned by slavery, injustice and inequality. The deep damage takes time to recover.
But realization that our mind has been damages is utmost essential to recover it..

Do visit again...

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