Variation in Creation; An unresolved Question

Why does existence make so much disparity, so much variation in this creation? Is it really a variation or an illusion to our eyes? From a simple structure of Amoeba, to a complex structure of Human being existence contains everything. Does existence play a game of permutation and combination or it has some purpose to do so?

Scripture tells that there is a supreme authority that is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Even a leaf cannot shake without his approval. Now this philosophy contradicts the good or bad. I would say it totally abolish this fact that something is good or bad. How? If god is doing, deciding everything then if someone is killing, robbing or raping, it cannot be without the approval of god. We are just medium to do god’s work. So there is nothing like good or bad. If there is nothing like good or bad, then what is significance of past and next life?

Now, some philosopher argues that men have ability to choose. Yes! It sounds quite logical as we can feel the sense of choosing.  If we can choose something, at the same time can decide not to choose that thing. Now, if the concept of past life is concerned, I am here due to my past life. The deeds, I have done have let me a new life in this mortal world. Now If I can choose, what is the significance of my past deeds? Assume I was destined to live happily for25 years due to my past deeds, I go and stand in front of running truck; Am I not capable to change the effect of past life? If I am capable, I am not finding any significance of past life.
So these theories are not acceptable for describing the variation in creation.

Existence creates you as an individual with unique identity, biologically unique genetic structure. It does not create carbon-copies. But when we see, we observe the things in the projection of our thoughts and start judging things, like he is beautiful, as he is fair; he is ugly as he is dark. Beautifulness becomes projection of two opposites, fair and dark. If you see a man as an individual, without judgement, without any prejudices we can catch a glimpse of the scenery that is observed by existence while creation. This same thing is applied in interspecies. We make our opinion like human species is the most intelligent, most powerful. But intelligence and power are human’s word. This is our projection of thoughts in which we feel superior but no one knows about other species.  Every species has own uniqueness, so no reason to comparison. If you understand it, then you would again say that all the fingers of hand are not same but not with the sense of hierarchy of some finger over other, but with the sense of uniqueness.

Just imagine your body; millions of cells (remember! Cells have life) form our skin, blood and bones. This whole combination lets you feel that this is your body, a feeling of self. In the same way it may happen also that all the living things like human, birds, amoeba and bacteria; all the dead things like soil, rock, air which are confine into this infinite galaxy, feels a sense of one being (in a same way as we feel about our body that this is my body). To my mind, this is GOD (existence).

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Shruti said…
It was nice to see a different blog which can be argumentative!!
earlier days der were deva's and asura's...again der was a battle between them and finally the people who gud won the battle!!
now the same thing happens!der aren't 2 groups of ppl!!!instead only humans!!
having gud and bad attitude!!
its nw our duty how to deal with those gud n bad and maintain equillibrium!!
keep smiling!
Durga Nandan said…
Thought provoking..
Btw, I forgot to mention that I quite liked the template you are using now.

Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanks a lot..
u r welcome to my blog...
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanks Durga Nandan..
you can have this template, just visit
Rohini said…
Amit thanks for visiting my blog.
Well, your posts are superb!~
I should say in a single word that you are the best philosopher...

Love your articles a lot.
will keep visiting.Now I should search if I have missed any of your posts as well.

Gr8 writing. Keep posting!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment...
keep visiting my blog.:)
Ms. Neha Gandhi said…
its a very deeply thought post...i also believe that God is the governing authority of everything happening...but dont understand...but to some extent buy the theory that man makes the choices...
and about past lives...nooo i dont believe in them at all
- Sugar Cube - said…
Amazing thoughts there.

The second para left me stunned.Thats EXACTLY what I always wonder about.

I think its just that God doesn't decides what we have to do.He creates situations & the true test of a human being lies in his decisions.So I guess we cannot say that the good or bad is decided by God though our destiny most certainly is.

Significance of past & next life ? Umm speaking religiously - I've been reading Geeta for some time now & I'm unable to figure that one out but I have tremendous belief in God - which is why I rely on each & every word written in the holy text.
Its about Karma.Its about your soul meeting with God.And its a hell lot of a confusing vicious circle.
If you believe in God & these religious books - maybe you'll get an answer.If you don't , then I can guarantee nobody can justify an answer to that one :)

Loved reading the post :)
IndianPundit said…
Hi Amit

What is GOD??????????

The Biggest creation of the GREATEST THING IN THIS WORLD-The Human Mind.

Think about it.

This will be an upcomming topic in my blog.

Cheers and a great post too.
IndianPundit said…
""To my mind, this is GOD (existence)""

You see my point is PROVED!!!!

Its all imaginations!!
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog..
keep visiting :)
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ Sugar Cube..
Thanks a lot.
glad that u loved it
do visit again..:)
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot :)
eagerly waiting for ur post....:)
Yayaver said…
All philosophies or relegions are flawed as humans are flawed themseleves. This flawness is due to the diverse and unique existence of each individual. Hence generalization to bring all human into one umbrella will never take place.

No god will ever come out to prove himself right or wrong or even his mode of existence. You are to the point that "Intelligence and power are human’s word. This is our projection of thoughts in which we feel superior but no one knows about other species. Every species has own uniqueness, so no reason to comparison." Similarly God is a word made by human only. Hence end of the argument.

Your imagination of human body and universe is pretty good (means i never imagined that way). I had read somewhere that in any hindu scripture, they compare human brain with the universe due to their unknown mysterical power. Pretty amazing na, but less than yours. Quite a good and argumnetative article Amit.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
Thanks a lot...:)
I do agree with your views..

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