Freedom Of Expression Vs Politics

Well, Politics was a bad word for me, in my earlier days. I do think that it was just a prejudice which was deeply bedded  into me while I witnessed first election in my village for Panchayat. Money, liquor, slogans, guns were the indistinguishable element of politics. The man, who had guns; who had power; who had money and obviously apparatchik people, won the election. So the image of contestants in election had overridden the word ‘politics’ for me. Slowly, as I grew younger, I realized that politics is an integral part of a country that sustains the development for country; makes rules and responsible for its implementation for the welfare of the people.

Jashwant Singh's book has created a storm in the political plot of BJP. I wonder how a book can lead a man to the end of his three decades political persona, in a county like India where freedom of expression is well illustrated in constitution. This Talibanised act is really shameful. It is attack on free expression and threat for anyone who wants to express his thoughts freely.

How can we forget that India is different from Pakistan where books of history are not manipulated for fulfilment of their selfish motives?

I have no deep knowledge of partition, nether about Jinnah but I believe that one cannot clap by a single hand.

Just think!why does Jaswant singh want to praise Jinnah and want to make Patel more responsible for partition?
Does he want to end his political career and want to be a notorious author? (When he was completely aware  what happened to Adwani after saying Jinnah, a secular one.)

I don’t think so.

No doubt, Jaswant Singh is an intellectual being. Before writing his book, he has devoted many years to collect facts and to analyse them. And when he wants to share his analysis and his view, some few brainless pigmies are wailing as he has done a most dreaded crime in the history of India. His books are being banned. I think, these types of things will discourage the people to think and express freely.

Politician never wants to make people intelligent as they feel, Knowledge is dangerous for their existence. I give my unconditioned support to Jaswant Singh and feel pity on top leaders of BJP for their pathetic decision.
Jai Hind J
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Roshmi Sinha said…
I think they wanted to get rid of him from the party... and used the book as the means to that end.

Infact, Jinnah was the one who defended Shaheed Bhagat Singh and the INA heroes. It was he who adviced Gandhi against using students for political purposes... since he was of the opinion that sooner rather than later India will gain freedom. And then, lay the huge task of nation building... which required qualified Indians and that was why students should be left alone and not used by political parties for their rallies and they should not be encouraged to boycott classes, etc.

He was a brilliant lawyer and earned a fortune for himself... and he was a self made man.

He came from a very humble background. Infact he was a converted muslim... from a backward background. His father Jhinabhai Poonja... was a man of very meager means. Jinnah is a corruption of Jhinabhai.

Both Gandhi and Nehru were poor students and failed lawyers... apart from being found to be terribly wanting... as fathers and husbands. I don’t really consider Gandhi as the architect of our freedom. In fact, personally I think we won freedom not because of him, but despite him (and Nehru).

Also, I don’t think... sleeping with five naked girls embracing you... so that you can prove your chastity and show the world that you shun sexual pleasures is not noble, it is a perversion and a sickening one at that!Especially, if one of those girls also happens to be your great grand niece)

Wonder why Ambedkar and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad were built up by the Gandhi-Nehru lobby... was it to counter Jinnah's influence... ???
Shankar said…
what roshmi said is soooo true...its a fact... and I feel like we pnly have freedom to say that India is a free country..but there is no freedom here... and even basic rights are also denied...
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ Roshmi

Thanks for the comment.. and so much valuable information about Jinnah and Gandhi.
It's political motivated view which never make us understood our history without any biasing,freely....:)


Thanks a lot
I do agree with you..
Durga Nandan said…
I have not much knowledge history and all that, -was not my fav subject- but I feel we would have won our independence a bit more early if we had gone with violence than the non violence stuff from Gandhi. The problem only being life-loss, which happened anyway cos of British rule here.

Well, sleeping with your great grand niece is sick. Disgusting. I never thought it was true. Though I have heard about this..

About Jaswant Singh and his book, it must be some internal party feud that lead to this. They just wanted to get rid of Jaswant.
Shruti said…
very well written post amit!
I completely go with shankar and roshmi..
We are enjoying FREEDOM without understanding what is the real FREEDOM..

hey yaar,
check out my recent 55 fiction :)
Babli said…
I appreciate for your wonderful post. Very beautifully you have portrayed about the true fact of our country. Though we say that India is a free country but I don't think we are truly enjoying the freedom.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@Durga Nandan..
U may be true. How did we get our independece is an issue of debate. Some of Writers also say that It was World War 2, and pathetic condition of England after this, which plays major role for our independence.

About Jaswant Singh, I am completely agree with you... :)

Amit414@IT-BHU said…

Thanks a lot.. :)

U r true, Many of us even do not know what freedom is...Illusioned by a free nation... :)

BK Chowla said…
I think the book was only an excuse to say good-bye to Jaswant.I have a feeling that there is more to it than sacking Jaswant.Is there a RSS hand behind all this is suddenly happening in BJP?Has it got to do something with Advani having been asked to step down by the year end?As for freedom is concerned,we did get freedom from the British but we have yet to feel free???/
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@ Chowla Ji

thanks a lot..:)

U r true..I do agree..

Roshmi Sinha said…
Jinnah had many facets and at one stage, he was committed to a unified India... He worked closely with Lokmanya Tilak for quite sometime. Infact, Jinnah's wife, Rutti is buried in Mumbai.

Gandhi had started the "Khilafat Movement" with the idea that if Muslims joined in then their support will help gain independence. But at that time, Jinnah had opposed it... asking what has India got to do with it if the 'Caliph' in Turkey has been dethroned.

Jinnah was for "Pakistan" within India... and not a division of the country. It was the British who wanted it... so that they could retain a handle on things in the sub continent... since they had a lot of entrenched interests, here. Also the over riding ambitions of some 'leaders'.

Jinnah was not a fundamentalist, at all. Even after the creation of Pakistan... he did not envisage an Islamic Republic. It is said that his speech was secular on Aug 11, 1947... outlining the roadmap for Pakistan and what kind of country it should be.

People who came to office after him tried to expunge those words/remarks.

It is also said that... when Jinnah realized what was happening to that country he had helped created... vis-a-vis religion... he regreted... and regreted till his dying breath. But, once Pakistan was created 'other forces' took control... and Jinnah never had any authority or say in the way things shaped up there.

It is also said that his sister Fatima Jinnah... was strangled to death... by those 'forces' when she tried to challenge them. There was a cover-up and it was said that she died of old age in her sleep.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
@Roshmi Sinha :)
u r true :)
I have read how close he was, with Gokhle. He was great admirer and in words Of Sarojini naidu, his fond ambition was to be Muslim Gokhle. In the words of Naidu,"
the obvious sanity and serenity of his worldly wisdom effectually disguise a shy and splendid idealism which is of the very essence of the man”.

Jinnah beleive in Europian Secularism. Gandhi beleive in Indian Secularism. According to Gandhu, we can not isolate religion from politics. Politics without religion is immoral.

these are some distiction( and there are more, i don't know) led both at a common platform.
where Jinnah wants Secularism with majority of muslims, Gandhi ji wants Secularism with majority of Hindus....

very valuabe information u have given
thanks a lot :)

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